Cambodia Youth Film Festival round 3

I am one of the organizing members of the second Cambodia Youth Film Festival (CYFF). So CYFF main goal is to contribute to the growth of our national film industry, allow students to open up their minds to different ways of expressing their thoughts and addressing different problems in society. This is open for students aged 15-20.

In order to make this successful, we, the organizers will be going to several different schools to host a film workshop. The workshop will last for three days, and the attendants are required to submit their film during the workshop. The top 4 films from each school will be showcased during the Youth Film Festival with those additional films from Phnom Penh.

We went to schools in Kompong Spue and Kompong Thom. We can see the students already got some skills since Cambodia have developed so much even though we are still developing. We got two films from KPS and 2 films from KPT.  The workshop itself is only last for two days but we can see the whole process everyone was very productive with their work. Most of the team got the film done in two days: writing script, shoot the movie, acting, editing, etc. Basically, we took one morning to explain them all of the processes and then the rest of the time students were working on their short by themselves and we were there just to help them a little bit and wait for questions.

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