Liger Leadership Academy Poem term 3

Do not sit there to hide.

Because one day you’ll die.


Being indifference just like you’re faint for the rest of your life.

People will just take the knife to cut you.

You might say OU. It hurts.

But the blood still keeps bleeding.

Because you’re still sitting.


Indifference causes suffering to continue.

You never want it to stick with you.

Just glue it to the wall.

Make sure it won’t fall back to you.

Because pain will sue you.


I’m serious. I’m not kidding.

You need to refill your pen with ink.

And start painting.


With colors, baubles, pictures.


Structure your own life.

So you know why you should survive.

To strive all tragedies.

This is the key to set you free.

Confront the fear.

It won’t get nearer.


End the life of being indifference.

To break the silence.

To stop the violence.

To end war.

Because we are all warrior.

The warrior that have choice, voice, and joyce.

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