How I Changed Cambodia (HICC) 2017-2018


Cambodia had unique lifestyle, amazing culture and unbelievable history (suffered and achievements). I want to share the stories of my country to tourists so they will leave Cambodia with notable stories and remarkable memories.  As a change agent, I do not wait for anyone to start, I am the one that starts to initiate the change in this developing country at the age of 15. These are my journeys in 2018: my team created a bike tour experience, conducted drugs prevention workshop, and Frisbee training project.  

This is the world of sharing; I contribute my knowledge because I believe in this sagacious quote, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” by Father James Keller.  

Cambodian culture had faded, sophisticated people were killed, the capital city was known as the ghost-city; this occurred because Cambodian were under manipulated and indoctrinated by the Khmer Rouge. The consequences made Cambodian economy and society broke down into pieces. Even though Cambodia is rapidly developed, but many flawed is everywhere.

Cambodia’s educated people had diminished day by day during the Khmer Rouge. Education system had been faded, but the Khmer Rouge got destroyed in 1979. Cambodia education system was slowly raised up. As an example, at Liger Leadership Academy are project-based-learning that involve student immersion in real-world experiences outside of the classroom called “Exploration”. Bike tour experience was one of Exploration; we started the bike tour experience called “Journeys of Change.” The idea of Journeys of Change is to learn how to establish a business, support local economies, train students about responsible tourism, provide cross-cultural experiences, and gain funds for the students’ future learning.  We’ve been through challenges, but our team overcomes everything that refrains us to make this bike tour successful. We try to make Cambodia become a better place.

As always, Liger students will find the flaws in Cambodia and try to prevent and make Cambodia a better place. We found out that drugs are one of the salient issues in Cambodia. The number of people uses drugs increase rapidly since 2000 based on, National Authority Combating drugs. We had eight people in our team, the age of 15 and 16 years old commit to preventing the use of drugs in Cambodia. We worked with eight high school students from World Renew.

Why did we work with high school students from World Renew?

The government school curriculum is completely different from our school. They mostly listen to the teacher, read the textbook, rewrite everything from the textbook, and undergo the test. The programs repeat like this, again and again, every day. This is boring but they can’t skip school and can’t reform the programs. All of the students had to study for 12 years until the final one-day exam.   

It seems like they didn’t have any experience to explore the real world. It seems like they have no experience with technology.  

We worked with World Renew students because as always we want to spread our knowledge. Essentially, we made the educated video about drugs, simultaneously we involved everyone from world renew to be in the film. I believe that by including them in the film it introduces the students to incorporate new experience. Moreover, most of them were shy in the camera, so it ushered them to be braver. Additionally, we taught them how to use computer and camera. Most importantly, we planned the workshop about drugs. We designed the workshop with world renew students. Our goal is to let world renew students gain knowledge from us and be able to create their own workshop in the future.   

We were conducting the workshop in four provinces: Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, Kampot, and Kampong Speu. In total, there were about 750 people participate in our workshop. About 300 people came to watch our educated video about drugs at night. Everyone loved watching our educated video because they saw their friends. I loved seeing every smile during the workshop. I hope everyone distributes the information to their friends and families!         


I spread what I learned because I want people to share what they learned from me as well. Everything I learned is from my experiences and opportunities I get from Liger Leadership Academy. I traveled to Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam for Frisbee competition. The question is: why am I so lucky to receive these opportunities? This is because the influence I got from my ecology facilitator. She introduced me the flat object that flies off her hands. I was so shocked and said, “It’s impossible!” I started throwing for years and I love it. The disc became my closest friend. This year my frisbee skills have been flourishing; I learned a lot from other frisbee players and coaches. I appreciate the sponsorships I got from Liger Leadership Academy and other sponsors. I need to give back my knowledge to other young Cambodian. They knew nothing about frisbee just like me 4 years ago. I want them to experience this modern sport that most Cambodian don’t know about it. My initial move is to introduce the training to the Camkids students in Kampong Speu province. Most importantly, we can offer them the opportunity to come to Phnom Penh (capital city) to train with us. Moreover, most of the kids never came to Phnom Penh before. I never feel that it is a waste of my time because I enjoy seeing their smile and the confidence when they threw the Frisbee.

It is meaningful to allocate our knowledge. As a change agent, it does matter because I believe in one quote from “Chinese proverb”: “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” Also by sharing my knowledge and being a change agent, I had grown so much. I had grown to be more mature. I improved my public speaking. I gain more knowledge from everyone because knowledge is everywhere. I learned to confront all of my problems. Most importantly, I improve leadership skills! As a change agent, I will keep illuminating another candle. The knowledge I gain from my facilitators and friends I will try to spread to other as well. I want to make change in this country! I am the future of Cambodia!


2016/2017 Yearly Reflection

This was my fifth year learning in Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) and it had been an amazing year for me. In the last four years I had changed Cambodia by so many different projects. This year there were even more interested projects that help to change this wonderful country, Cambodia. I’m sure there will be so many more things Cambodia need to be change. This year we were trying to find many more ways to change Cambodia to make this country developed. I am one of the LLA students and I had been in so many type of Explorations. The two Explorations that helped to improve Cambodian education and help the people in Cambodia to think deeply what are some ways they can change their own country. As everyone know to change Cambodia, it starts from us. The two Explorations are Change Agent and Filming in Government School. You might wonder why are those three projects changed Cambodia?

Everybody live in this world I’m sure they are working on different things and different projects. Some works that they are working on can helped their community, country or the whole world, but some people works were just for their own families. In this case, I’m going to talk about change agents and change makers. The Exploration I worked on was called Change Agent. Do you wonder what we did in this Change Agent Exploration. Firstivall, what does change agent means? Change agent is a person that create change to improve or develop the people, places and community better. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Larry Page (invented Google). Our Exploration we tried to research and find the change agents or changemakers all around world and in Cambodia. After we found change agents or change makers, then we did the research about their life, work, project or business. Then, find the person contact, it cans be phone number, Facebook, or Email. Next, we wrote down ten best questions to ask the change agents or change makers, those questions must be useful. The next step is to write a perfect letters to ask change agents or change makers the permission, if they have free and can we interview them some questions? Most of us interviewed about three people and while we interviewed, all of us recorded the Videos. The question is how can this help to change Cambodia or the world? It is changing because after we made the Video we post that on Facebook and upload on Youtube so people all the around the world can watch it. After they watched it the information they can learned such as, make their perspective to think of changing the world (they are something they can change their country, or community). Also, it is a good lesson because most of the change agent they not always succeed but most of the time they fail. Those change agents or change makers can explain the tips and the keypoint to success. This Exploration I think it really great and want to continue in the future. It brings the world to more successful and it can makes people’s life better. I’m sure there will be some people interest to watch and learn from those successful change agents or change makers.   

I love to make film, writing screenplay and being the director of the movie. Some people live in this world might like to do something different. Some people like acting, directing movie, Camera man or woman, producer, editing and writing the script. So if we think a little bit further the students in the Government school, some of them might interested in films. Sadly, the curriculum they learn in class didn’t include films. Moreover, most of those students didn’t had fancy technology to shoot the movies to edit the movies. There was an Exploration called Filming in Government school. This project helped changing Cambodia because we selected about 20 students in two government schools that interested doing films. We teach all types or the roles in involved in filming. Things we teach them are: roles as director, producer, actor, editor, Cameraman and screenplay. We spend their time only three weeks, five days per week, in one day only 4 hours. All of those students need to finished everything in this three weeks. I think all of those students gain a lot of knowledge that they had no experience, and can finished the film on time. The film that they created is not that perfect, but as what I see they all worked so hard.This a part of changing Cambodia because it brings the students in government school to learn new things. Also, they can solved the problem they faced during making their movies. The students are all happily making their own movie. This is really inspiring other Cambodia to film.

In conclusion, Cambodia need to developed, and everything is start from us. So, this two Explorations is a part of the small step to begin with changing Cambodia. The Change Agent had subtitle so Cambodian can watch. They can take all of those useful advice or learning lesson to make their life to a better by watch they Video we created. On the other hand, Filming in Government all of those students really want to more filming next year. I’m also sure that so many more students want to join the filming. The students in government gain a lot of knowledge about filming and have so much fun. Next year I promise to do the project that is more interesting and make this country more beautiful.  

Changing Cambodia Statement

Since I’ve been in Liger I have change myself and change Cambodia a lot. For this fourth year the thing that I have change Cambodia are: Project-based learning Exploration, filming about plastic, Human of Cambodia Exploration,. Why I said all of those things change Cambodia. Project-based learning we went to teach the teacher in Two government school (Kratie and Chbar Om Pov. We taught them how to train the students in Project-based learning. We told them to choose the topic to teach their students. It change Cambodia is that project-based learning is the learning method that different and explore the real world so they can learn new thing have a lot of experience, not get stress and they not just sit and listen to the teachers not just learn from the books. Also this project was success. This year I done a lot of film with on of the film is for the robotic competition in Singapore. The topic was about trash trek so my group decided to to make the Video that education people about how to reduce plastic bags. The film that I made we submit it to the Singapore competition and we gave it to the Ministry of Environment that many people can see it. Also we had post it in the Hun Sen competition that more and more can watch it and learn from it to reduce plastic. Also we found out that Cambodia everywhere is full of trash so maybe our Video help to reduce people using plastics. Human of Cambodia Exploration we interview people to ask them their problem or job also we made a blog who ever we interview we put the photo and there and write all the important thing we ask them. So when other people go in to our blog the can see who need help if they want they go to help that person. Also we want other people to know more about Cambodian.

Now the problem that Cambodia have are driving accidents, people have drug and when they have drug the poor people they need money so they have a violent with there family, also Cambodian eating the cookies in plastic bags and make them sick and some people die.

The solutions that I thinking of even though some of them I can’t do it.

Driving accidents
First we need to know why they have accident. I think because most of them not respect the rule of driving. Some of them see the red light they didn’t stop, if the see the police they just drive etc. Most of them at night or when wedding or some ceremony they drinking beer and make them drunk and when they drive they crash with other.
The solutions are:
Put more and more police on the road almost everywhere check the driver respect the rule, if not they will have a big problem.
Don’t let too much people driving Motos or cars. They can ride on the bus or taxi maybe train or Tuk Tuk.

People have drug (they follow each other)
When people have a drug they can have a violent in the family, the students not go to school, effect to the economic, and make there future not good.
The solutions are:
Tell everyone in Cambodia or people in our community to not marry the people that have drug before marry need to check. Why am said that because if people know that maybe they goes to change their self stop from drug so they can marry.
Give the price to people that goes that stop their self from drug.
Give the price to anyone that report to the police who have drug.
Make the rules much stronger to not cheating and no export drug from other country.

Eating cookies that put in plastic bags and other product.
When people eat the cookie or other product it them sick or die because some of the product when they eat it expire, some of product like cookie some of them made of plastic so it the same as plastic and some of the product from Vietnamese and when it have a lot of chemical and some dangerous things in it. Some of them are not good for our health etc…
So my solutions for this are:
Make the rules in Cambodia that every products that made in Cambodia need to be checked with government and sign before can sell (check that make sure they have healthy products). If they know that it not checked yet they will have a big trouble.
The product that import from other countries need to check carefully make sure it good.
We can make the poster put in school and the place that have a lot of people visit. Tell them before eat something need to check it good for us or not does it expire yet?
Tell the people in our community.
Have the police check the products at the place they sell things everyday and everywhere.

The big goals that I want: in future how can I change Cambodia by making more film. I choose to do filming because I thought that a lot of Cambodia people do not like reading but they like watching better. Also a lot of people have Facebook accounts so they can share in that and they can watch it or we can put in TV channel. Also the videos are interesting for people to watch and some of them we make into the movie or comedy.

Changing Cambodia (2015)

I live in Cambodia and I know a lot of Cambodia, but I think Cambodia has a lot of problems that we need to solve it. One big problem I find in Cambodia is people start to lose their traditional games, when Khmer New Year it has many games usually they play in pagoda. Now I never see people play Cambodian games in Khmer New Year anymore. Now people have any different technology staff to play (phone, computer, iPod…) so they not really want to play Cambodian games in pagodas. Also, now in pagodas have very fewer people play Cambodian game. Also, now I see usually only the old people go to pagoda not a lot of young people, so it start to have fewer people go to pagoda which our culture. Another problem that resemble to losing our traditional game is: now not a lot of people they wear Cambodia traditional clothes. People now like to wear a short pants or skirt, but it not Cambodia traditional clothes at all to wear to pagoda.
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Solution for losing Cambodia traditional games
We can make a poster that talking about what are the benefit when we go to pagoda.
Make something more interesting
Advertise in TV or radio for people to watch how fun it is and if you not go to pagoda what happen to you.
Make some songs or movies that remind people about going to pagoda.
When people come to play game in pagoda when Khmer New Year they will have some price (if they win).
Post online and tell more and more people come to pagoda. Try to convince them to come to play game in pagoda.
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Solution for losing Cambodia traditional clothes
We try to tell people, don’t wear a short pants or skirt. Try to wear traditional clothes.
We try to make a model (we try to wear a traditional clothes).
Post online, make movies, make song, make books, put in TV and put in radio to show people how it important to wear a traditional clothes.
Make a poster to tell people what is the disadvantage of not wearing a traditional clothes (not a short pants or skirt)
Discount the price of the Cambodian traditional clothes and increase price of a fancy clothes
If people they but the traditional clothe FREE for them
Make our traditional clothes very popular in Cambodia so people want to by.
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Advantage of Cambodia people play our traditional games in Khmer New Year

If we go pagoda and play our traditional games it helps us a lot such as: we can communicate with each, learn new things from each other, have more friends, see any different people and different perspective, help the new generation know more about our Cambodia games and not lose our Cambodian games. Have fun all together, and show people that Cambodia people have a lot of teamwork.

Advantage of Cambodia people wear our traditional clothes
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We need to wear our own traditional clothes because we want our new generation to wear own traditional too. Also, to show people that we all is Cambodia not people come from other country. We don’t want to lose our own traditional clothes. Make other people interesting to our country because it really hard to make one of traditional clothes we need to have a lot of steps and need a lot of material. We want to have a masterpiece of Cambodian people that they make traditional clothes.

Changing Cambodia (2014)

In Cambodia right now I find out that a lot of kids don’t have a lot of education. Education is really important for our life if we don’t have any education you can’t find a good job, and usually the people that don’t have education is the poor family. Also, some family that rich too. For the poor kids they need to stay at home help their family do work so they don’t have any time to go to school. Also, some family don’t have money to buy the material for study and other thing their family don’t have a lot of education and they think that their children don’t have to go to school. For the rich family they have enough money give the kids to school and have enough material but some kids they think with the wrong way. They not go to learn but they go to do other thing (play game, drug…). Sometime they cheating, what I mean by cheating is they don’t have to learn just give money to teacher so they get the highest score.
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Tells the teacher if the kids are cheating report to the principle of the school. But if the teacher not listen and we find out that teacher are not integrity, so stop teacher from do teaching.
We can provide material for study to the poor families
Tell people no more drug in Cambodia (if they still sell drug or using drug will go to the jail).
If the kids not go to school report to their family or report to the principle of the school.
Make the poster give to the poor family and explain them we need to tell the kids go to school and we will provide the material to you. Also tell the poor families why it is very important to give the kids go to school and learn.
Give the price to the kids that leaning very great, also give the price to the kids come to learn and focus.
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It really important for the kids that of to learn and have a good education. They Can have a lot of good job to support their family. If all the kids in Cambodia have a lot of good education and have a good job so our country not poor anymore. Our economic is keep going up.
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Changing Cambodia (2013)

Now in Cambodia I see a lot of kids getting sick usually stomachache. They getting sick like that because a lot of kids eat the expire cookies also some kids drink not clean water. Usually only the poor people that getting sick (stomachache). If only the poor people Cambodia will get poorer. Our economy is getting down. We can’t not sit and wait we need to find out the solution and help.
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Here are the solution
– Provide poor people in Cambodia the clean water
– Advertise in TV we should not eat the expire cookies before we but the cookies we need to look at the expire date first. That action of advertise is cartoon so the kids will interesting and watch, or we can put in radio with a funny sound.
– Making a poster give to every people in Cambodia usually people in rural area
– Tell people don’t drink not clean water they need to drink clean water
– Tell people what are the disadvantage to drink not clean water.
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It is really good for the kids you know because if they are sick they can’t not go to school so it can effect to their education. Also it effect to their family because usually the kids sick only the poor. family and their family don’t have any time to go to do work and don’t have enough money.
So if the kids they don’t stick it help our economy and the whole country.
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Renewable Energy Changing Cambodia

Problems that I think: I think that when the people use the wood to make the fire or a lot of smoke and it is not good for the environment, their health, it wastes money and wastes the trees. Also all of those things make me feel bad.
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How did I help Cambodia?
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The things that we did to help Cambodia in this Exploration are: we went to Kampong Speu. In Kompong Speu there are a lot of organizations but I went to just two organizations. One (is) call Camkids and another one is HAP. HAP is the organization that has a lot of orphanages. We went to there and asked the people who work in HAP and Camkids question about what they use to cook everyday or do you have any problems. They said they take the wood to cook the food. I think that is the problem for them. Also our Exploration was about making the biodigester. We take the poo to make the fire and don’t have any smoke. We thinks that we could make the biodigester: one for Camkids and one for HAP. We didn’t have any money, what we should do? In our group we wanted to take the money from other people in another country. We wrote the problem that HAP had and we took the pictures and we sends to the people that wanted to help. Also when we were in Kompong Speu we went to interview one organization that helps the families that are poor and want to build a biodigester. That organization gave the money to us to borrow. My class thoungt that we could borrow the money from the organization. But they said only the small family can borrow but for the organization can’t borrow. We went to ask them: “you don’t think about little kids that don’t have a family and you just give a chance to the family, that is not fair.” We said that until they gave money to borrow. Also the people that were in the HAP and Camkids are very smart. All of that kids can help Cambodia when they grow bigger. If the students in HAP still use the fire to make from the wood they will get sick and don’t want to learn. Also a biodigester can make the light so at night the students could learn.
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Before we went to help the HAP and Camkids we needed to learn about biodigester first because if we didn’t know about that we can’t tell the people that work in HAP and Camkids. If they don’t know what is a biodigester then they don’t want us to build one for their school. Also if we don’t know how to build the biodigester we can’t build for their school. Also the first time we knew about their problems in their family, they didn’t have poo for putting in the biodigester to make the fire. That was a very big problem. Then we went to ask the students in their school did they have cow poo in their house or not. Almost all of them said yes so that was very easy for my group because we didn’t have to find the poo for them.
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In Renewable Energy we learned about Solar too. That is very good for us to use. If we use solar it saves a lot of money because solar we can use for 20 to 30 years. Also solar takes the energy from the sun to make electricity. Solar can keep the energy in solar too. That is helping the poor people so the kids can learn at night because they have a light to learn. The solar is very useful because we need to make the dam to make the electricity. Some people need to cut down the trees to make the dam that is the problem. The solar can cook the food too that can help the people so they don’t have to buy the wood to make the fire, they can use the solar.
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In HAP they use the wood to cook

Start to built biodigester
Nearly finish doing biodigester
Almost finish
Start to use biodigester
Place to put the poo for biodigester

Ecotourisms Change Cambodia

I learn about Ecotourisms it very important for Cambodia because if you have a lot of tourist Cambodia will get improved more and more. In my exploration we went to Chi Phat and Chi Phat is the place that want to have a tourist because tourist give a jobs to them. The jobs that the people in Chi Phat have are: moto driver, guest house, boat driver, guid, cooking and seller. Also when I went to interview people they all very friendly to us. Also people have not people that steal other people thing. I start to think to find out the problem and solve the problem. I want Chi Phat have a lot of tourist and the people get the jobs. I find the solution to the help Chi Phat to get tourist and take that idea give to the chief in that community and if they agree we will help them.
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Also when we in Chi Phat in teach student in that community learn how to speak English and how to communicate to other people. My student is very smart and know a lot fo things. We take sometimes to teach the student and sometime to interview the people. It was very fun and very hard but I told myself “never give up and I need to try my best to help Cambodia”
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teaching student
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interview  1

Refuse Plastic Change Cambodia

The that this exploration help Cambodia is we want to use less plastic because the plastic in not good for environment. Plastic people the most people they burn the plastic the smoke is not good. Some people they just throw it away in the river or on the land. The last one the people they bury the plastics. We use a lot of plastic a earth will get hotter and hotter. When I not a plastic that have a lot of snow it will help and get a big flood.
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Climate change are not make nature disaster.

1.Heart Problem

2.headache. Fatigue tired weakness
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3.causes cancer disrupt hormone

4.bioaccumulate toxin last a long time.

It is very big problem
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In my group we want to help Cambodia to use less plastic. The thing we went to interview the people around our community and the people in the market. The question we ask the people in the community is: What is the problem that they have when they use the plastic? When you use the plastic did the plastic make you sick? The plastic help for you or not? We take all of the answer we interview to find solution to solve a problem.

If we want to solve a problem we we need to have 5 D and 3 R

  1. Define
  2. Discover
  3. Design
  4. Develop
  5. Deploy
  1. Reuse
  2. Reduce
  3. Recycle

I have made been reuse plastic I make a skirt. Also I have been make the photo frame, bag and wallet.
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IMG_0590 IMG_0587 IMG_0586 IMG_20140605_155557

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Ecology Change Cambodia

How Ecology can help Cambodia when I learn about the people they hunting the animals and logging. When I know about that I go and the people that in my province if the logging they need to stop. If you still do the logging we will have no more habitat for the animal also in our country will get hotter and hotter. If you still hunting animals the animals well extinct​​. Example: if you kill all of the deer the the animal that eat the deer they will have nothing to eat. Also all of the grass will grow a lot because the deer eat the grass. If we know a lot of the Ecology you can take a good care of the forest also we can tell other people. If we have a lot of forest we will have more tourist because the tourist they want to see a animals and a dark green and very beautiful.IMG_7762air jordan retro 9 red ray ban sunglasses nike air max China