Five years ago I saw my teacher threw the disc and it flew smoothly. But once I tried to throw, it flew like a wave. I said to myself “What is this thing? I can’t do it.” My teacher introduces it to me. I practiced a lot and I can see my improvement! That day I started to feel the passion of frisbee. I started to involve in many frisbee opportunities. I traveled a lot the past few years to compete Frisbee for my country. I went abroad to Philippine, Vietnam, and Malaysia. These opportunities I got from my couches and my school (Liger Leadership Academy). They give us the full scholarship to go abroad! The girls that went with me to play in foreign countries we really appreciate the opportunities.

As Liger students we got the opportunities so we want to give back. In Cambodia, only a few people know about Frisbee. Frisbee is the new sport in Cambodia to almost everyone. Camkids is the school in the rural area in Kampong Speu. Our girls made plans to do the Frisbee training at Camkids.

We spent our Sunday on the 6th June 2018, we went to Camkids to do the Frisbee training for 12 years old and higher kids. We taught them how to throw, strategies, how to play, most importantly we want them to enjoy the training. There are around 60 students came to the training. It is my pleasure to be apart of the this. I observe that everyone have so much fun and improve so much with their throws.

During the training, we had made mistakes and sometimes it was a bit unorganized. It is hard to lead 60 students since it is our first time, most importantly there is no adult to help us. We will take all of the mistakes and problems we had last time and improve the next time we go. We plan to do the training again next week. My frisbee team Bee-Force also wanted to select some of the girls from Camkids to join our team, and approximately, next time maybe some of them can go to play abroad with us.

Independent Discovery (Thai)

I am Cambodian and one of my neighbor countries is Thailand. The Thai language resembles to Cambodian and some words are the same. So I have an independent discovery just to learn Thai language. My main resource is Youtube. Since I love to travel so one of my goals is to travel to Thailand. I thought it would be great if I know how to speak Thai so I can easily communicate with them. I want to learn more languages but to start to want to learn Thai language first.  Right now I can understand a little bit of Thai but I can’t speak well. 

Here are some examples what I learned so far:

Telling time

Gii Moong what time? (day)

Gii Tum – what time? (Night )


Kun bpai tam-ngaan gii moong? What time do you go to work?

Kun ja bpai nawn gii tum? What time you will go to bed?

Dtawn-nii gii-moong laew? What time is it now? (day time)

Kun dtuen gii-moong? What time did you wake up?   

Muea-kuen bpai-tiao glap baan gii tum? What time did you come back home last night?




Chan sia-jai – I am sad.

Sia-jai rueang a-rai? What makes you sad?

Nawk-jai (cheat)

Pii ….. (name ) aat-ja nawk-jai chan. …. – (name ) might cheat on me.

Tam jai dii-dii gawn – control your emotion

Ao dtae jai – be self-centered

Tueng chan ja ao dtae jai, dtae chan gaw jing-jai na. – Although I’m self-centered, I am sincere.



Sydney Morning Herald News

On the weekend I woke up, and after I showered I check my social media. When I scroll down I saw Liger Leadership Academy post something. Then I kept continue scroll down then I realized who is that girl in the news? I looked at it again I saw myself. I clicked on the link and started to read the news in The Sydney Morning Herald of me talking about business.

Please enjoy reading about me and Liger school. 

Mondulkiri Campaign with World Renew

I had an amazing opportunity to join the World Renewed campaign in Mondulkiri. World Renew is the living justice loving mercy serving Christ. It was three days workshop with around 60 participants came from four different provinces and Liger students. The first day of the workshop we discussed all amazing works we helped to improve Cambodia so far. For Liger students we listed a ton of things we did from the past, for example, Journeys of Change bike tour experience, the Rabies mission, the drug workshop etc. On the same day, we learned about Primary Nutrition because a lot of Cambodian don’t know about the food nutrition that helps their health and also the babies. What I learned from that day is that it is important that mother eat healthy food when they are pregnant, because it could affect the child life when they born or when they grow up. The second day we learned about democracy leadership. There are three democracy leadership: autocratic, laissez-faire, and democracy. We also learned about immigration in Cambodia. A lot of people moved from Cambodia to another country for so many reasons. Some people immigrate to another country to find jobs, to continues studies, war, and family issue etc. The third was lead by Liger Leadership Academy students. My team was leading on drugs. Our workshop had 8 people, 4 from Liger and 4 is our partner, the World Renew students. The students that involved they have so much fun and learned a lot from each of our activities. I knew they learned a lot because when I ask them questions they answer very well, and when they worked in teams they shared ideas and very competitive. The workshop we did was similar to the workshop that happened in the four provinces we did so far. The only differences were we added game and we let the students create their own performance in groups about drugs to show to everyone. In the afternoon the workshop leads by Liger students as well,  about AIDS and HIV. Overall, I learned a lot and get to know more people. Most importantly, I want everyone joined the workshop to take everything they learned and share it with their village to make positive changes.

Photos coming soon. 

Drugs in Cambodia

The amount of people using drugs in Cambodia is increasing rapidly. There are many different types of drugs: Opium, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine. The common drug in Cambodia is Methamphetamine. I went to National Authority Combating Drugs he stated, “In 2000 the total of people that used drug was around 500 people, in 2017 there were 20, 000 people. We need to take that number multiply by 5 because those people spread and share the drugs to other.”

This is a huge problem in Cambodia, as a change agent, we (Liger students) have to do something. So my Exploration there are eight people. This Exploration is the first exploration that speaks Khmer only and worked with 8 World Renew students from different four provinces (Kampot, Svay Rieng, Kampong Speu and Prey Veng). World Renew is an organization that’s trying to combat drug as well. Our Exploration goal is to focus on promoting drug awareness and intervention.

Basically, the World Renew students came to Liger Leadership Academy school. First, they came to our school for the whole day to know each other, we shared what we learned about drugs to them, and create the plan for the workshop that happened in the four provinces. Then, World Renew students came to live in our school for the whole week to create the workshop.

They went to National Authority Combating Drug and Drug Addict Relief Association of Cambodia with us to learn about drugs so they can share that information during the workshop. Our main goal when we worked with them is to partner with them to run the workshop, simultaneously, to teach how to be a leader. All of them learned in government schools, which the program they learned is completely different from us. They never lead and do workshops before. So we wanted to guide them how to run the workshop and how to lead other people. After we do the workshop with them, all of them can lead the workshop by themselves without our help. We also taught them a little bit of how to use Computer, Camera, most importantly, we created educated short film about drugs with them as well.  

Out of the four provinces workshops I went to Kampong Speu province. We told World Wenew people to find location and tell people to come to the workshop. During the workshop we wanted them to have fun, everyone share their ideas, and most importantly, we wanted them to learn about drugs so they share with their friends and families. In our workshops, we divided them into four groups, the four group needed to compete each other to find the winner to get the prize. We have four activities so they can rotate. The four activities are types & effects of drug, drugs trafficking in Cambodia, Reason people use drug & preventions, and symptoms and impact of using drugs.All of these four activities we tried to find games to make everyone participate and have fun.  After the four activities we showed them our video, then close the event and give prizes to the winning team. In Kompong Speu we did 2 days of workshops and showed the video at night. Both workshops happened in two different pagodas. The first days of the workshop the participant age range were from 15 – 70 years old. There were about 80 participates. The four teams are competitive, share ideas, and it looked like they had so much fun. The second day of the workshop there were about 100 students participate, they were in grade 7 to grade 12. There were about 10 elders.

We wanted to show our short film about drugs to the whole village so we went to each house of the villagers to come to watch our film at night. We choose to show the film at night because want everyone to come. One of our strategies was that first, we showed Cambodia famous ghost movie to catch more people attention to come then we showed them our drug educated film. They liked to watch our educated film because the film mostly the world renew people were in it. So the World Renew people were all of their friends and neighbors.    

I hope world renew people take what we taught them and can create and lead their own workshop that is fun and people learn something from them.

Anyway, our workshop was successful. I believe all participants learned a lot about drugs and they will share the information with their friends and families. Moreover, we requested the posters from the ministry and they gave it to us, so we put the poster in the village (in front of villagers houses).


Vagabond Temple Yoga & Meditation Retreat

On the 11, January 2018 I went to Kep for three days to do join the Vagabond Temple Yoga & Meditation Retreat. All of the classes I took the yoga and meditation I have only one word to describe is a “WOW”. The yoga class taught me to take care of my body, love the body that nature gives me and say thanks to our legs, arms, etc for all of the hard work to build and support who I am today. The main topic for the meditation class is mindfulness. I learned that mindfulness is all about to open our heart to the world. The teacher told the class to sit in the lotus seat and close our eyes. Then fulfill our heart with love and share it with every single thing in this world. This is one way to let our brain and heart in peace; meditation made me feel super fresh and released all of the mess in my brain. During the yoga class, I made a lot of new friends. They are very friendly and I had the chance to talk to them and share my experiences. This opportunity inspired me to research more about yoga because during I saw only 5 men and about 20 women in the yoga class. I had the question that keeps in my mind why fewer men are practicing yoga?

Sea Festival at Kampot

What a great experience I had? On the 23, December 2017 I went to Kep to join the sea festival. During the sea festival, there are a lot of sports that attend, one of them is Frisbee. I am one of the members of the frisbee team. The SWA ultimate frisbee team asked the government for frisbee to attend to be one of the sport at the sea festival. This is the way we can promote frisbee to Cambodian because most of them don’t know what is frisbee. The impressive moment when I played the game is that when there are a lot of people watching us. Moreover, frisbee got into Khmer news in TV during the sea festival. There were one of the moments which is the best moment when I was practicing frisbee there were so many people came and asked us to join and want to try throwing frisbee. Most people it is a new sport, they never have seen before. I had so much fun and got a lot of new experiences during the game from my teammates. My team won the first place but I would like to say congratulation to everyone that attend this event. Most people done amazing job and most of them this is their first time to play frisbee on the beach.


The Power of Sports


I play a lot of sports since I was 10 years old. The sports are swimming, badminton, frisbee, football, biking and running. As what I see including what the world see, in the past women don’t opportunity or rights to play sports. People don’t have value to women in getting into sports. Especially, the women in Cambodia they have to stay at home to take care of their beauty, walk in the gentle way, prepare to become a wife. Right now women try to get up to emerge more into the world simultaneously, try to get an education. Most of the women want to get into sports but most people in Cambodia don’t give value to women, women do no use to sports because of our past culture and they feel afraid to get into sports. Women kind of follow each other if their friends play sports they want to play too and it hard to start something different and new. Sadly, there are not much girls fight for sports. Currently, I am so proud to be one of the women that play sports in Cambodia. Sport change my life to be a stronger person and can overcome the fear. This is because sport most sport is competitive, find new strategies, meet new people, made new friends and learn new strategy from others. Before I get into sports I felt that I don’t want to be a girl. I saw other boys played ball and I can only sit to watch boy play. Liger Leadership Academy school give the opportunity for both boys and girls to play sports.

In October 2017 I went to Vietnam to play the spirit frisbee competition. I am so happy to see many girls participate. One of my highlights is that most girls score the points during the games. I play for the team called Bee Force mixed team. I am so proud to be the part of the team to represent for Cambodian. Whenever I play sports it always pushes me to work harder because I want to show boys that girls can be even better than them. I am trying to encourage more girl to participate in sports. I hope these will help everyone to give more opportunity for girls to play more sport.

  • Spirit game with other teams in Vietnam.

Khmer Sight Foundation Volunteer

My strong commitment is to change my beautiful country, Cambodia into the positive direction. To accomplish this commitment I need to take many opportunities that benefit others and myself to share knowledge. On the November, 18, 2017 some of my friends and I volunteer to work with Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF) in Kompong Speu province. The KSF is help to eradicate avoidable blindness in Cambodia and improve vision and eye care and restore the gift of sight to many thousands of Cambodians. When I arrived Kompong Speu in Camkid school I got so excited to help my beautiful Cambodia people. There were over 100 people a lot of elders and some kids. Those people want to check their eyes and improve vision to see the world clearly. What we did was that first is testing their eyes and if they can’t see well we moved them to the next station to check what the problems they have with the eyes. Then check the blood pressure. The main focus KSF is the cataract and pterygium. My job was to write and gather all of the information people that comes (name, age, where are they from, and the eyes problems they have). Other hardest jobs are to convince and make the people in the community trust KSF to do their eyes surgery. Most of the elders need to do the surgery because their eyes have the cataract and pterygium. Khmer Sight Foundation decide to bring the first 10 people in the community to go and do the surgery. Some people decided to do the surgery and sadly some of them decide not to go. This is because some of them are busy taking care of the kids or wasted their time, they scared to do surgery, some of them didn’t feel comfortable to come, to Phnom Penh with strange people.

There were six people came with Liger students and KSF people to do the surgery. The grandma that came with us she felt nervous and not so comfortable because it is her first time. My friend and I tried to comfort her to make her feel better, and tell her that these doctors are very professional. The grandma named Nhok Mit, 69 years old. She already lost her left eyes and her right eye have cataract problem. I went and asked her she said “I lost my left eye two years ago. Before I lost my left eyesight, this eye has problem.  I just went to the random pharmacy to check my eye, and they give them medicine.” The more she drank medicine it gets worse and worse. Her family condition is so poor and can’t afford and come to the specialist. So the grandma gave up and have nothing to do with her eye, the result she lost her left eyesight. She also stated that “Before I lost my left eye I took care of my rice field and do farming every day because I need to find money for my family.” Sadly when she lost her eyesight she has to abundant her work because it so hard for her. One of the people that work for KSF said, the grandma made a right decision to come and do the surgery for her eye, and we help to change her entire life because if she not comes and did the surgery she will lose her right eye. This means her both eyes will blind. So before Nhok Mit (grandma) came to do the surgery it is so tough for her to make decisions because when she comes to Phnom Penh no one takes care of her and have kid at home that she needs to take care. We let her and her family decide one of the KSF workers and I told her if she does the surgery 95% she will get success, 4 percents will have damage and 1% will completely blind. Lastly, I went on the bus and then I saw her sitting in front of me with her son to go and do the surgery. I am so proud to volunteer with Khmer Sight Foundation to help Cambodian and share my knowledge with them.  


Filming and Video

In this fourth year I had a lot of film going on, some of the film I need to write the screenplay, directing, producing and acting. Filming was a really fun activities and I love it so much.

Let enjoy my film together.

Haunted House (I direct it, writing the scrip and act it.


And here the article in news:

Regret (I’m act in it but not the main character).

Caisy (I’m act in it to be a main character)

Yearbook Video (am act in it and it in Khmer and English)

Liger Core Value (I’m on of the member to make this film and a little bit of acting)

The Mystery Love (I’m act in it)

True Love (I’m directing it and write screenplay)

Mother Day (I’m act in it)

Lihepho Headphone (act in it and write screen play)

Way to reduce plastic (act in it and a part of the project)

CAP Commercial (am the one that edit this commercial) for drone.

Five Weird Students (I am act in this)

If my phone was a person (I act in it)