Changing Cambodia (2013)

Now in Cambodia I see a lot of kids getting sick usually stomachache. They getting sick like that because a lot of kids eat the expire cookies also some kids drink not clean water. Usually only the poor people that getting sick (stomachache). If only the poor people Cambodia will get poorer. Our economy is getting down. We can’t not sit and wait we need to find out the solution and help.
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Here are the solution
– Provide poor people in Cambodia the clean water
– Advertise in TV we should not eat the expire cookies before we but the cookies we need to look at the expire date first. That action of advertise is cartoon so the kids will interesting and watch, or we can put in radio with a funny sound.
– Making a poster give to every people in Cambodia usually people in rural area
– Tell people don’t drink not clean water they need to drink clean water
– Tell people what are the disadvantage to drink not clean water.
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It is really good for the kids you know because if they are sick they can’t not go to school so it can effect to their education. Also it effect to their family because usually the kids sick only the poor. family and their family don’t have any time to go to do work and don’t have enough money.
So if the kids they don’t stick it help our economy and the whole country.
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I am Close to My Family but as I Grow Up I Learn How to be by Myself
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   Every time that I stay with my family I feel so happy because my family takes  good care of me. When I got dengue fever my family took me to the hospital. The hospital is very far from my house, but my mother and my father tried their best to take me there. They didn’t have a lot of time and they needed to do their work. When I was sick with dengue fever I also needed to do the test at my school to come to Liger.
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My family worked really hard to take me to the hospital. They went to ask the doctor if  I could go to do the test. When the doctor said yes, my family needed to take me to school to do the test. They had a lot of challenges when they took me to school because my mother and my father needed to go to work. Also, they wanted me to get this opportunity to come to Liger school. They needed to stay at the school and wait for me while I took the test. When I got dengue fever they also paid a lot of money and wasted a lot of time. That made me think that they really worry about me and love me. Even when I am sick I still feel happy with my family because they show me that they love me. When I finished taking the test I felt so excited because I wanted to know the results.
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doing the test


   I like being close to my family. One thing I love about my family is that we wait for each other until we all get home and we eat food together. When we eat food we talk to each other and make jokes. We laugh with each other and play with our small family. For example, when we were eating dinner, my father told me, my mother and my brother about when my brother sang a girl’s song. “It was so good we could take him to the kid’s singer show!” One day I pictured going to the temples with my family altogether.

    In our life we do not always have fun. Sometimes I have a bad story too. One day my mother had a moto accident. After this happened me, my father and my brother took my mother to the hospital. We were very worried about my mother. On that day my brother was crying uncontrollably and I felt devastated. Also, we took really  good care of my mother. My father had never cooked the food before, but when my mother got sick my father tried his best to cook the food.
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When my father cooked the food we needed to go to buy the things from the market. That was very hard because when my mother got in the accident my family didn’t have a fancy moto. My father needed to drive an old moto to the market. The market was a little bit far from my house and the old moto was hard to drive.  

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    My mother never drove the moto for my father before, but one day my father got really sick. The first time my mother was afraid to drive a moto because she had just learned how to drive a moto. My mother overcame her fear to drive a moto and took my father to a hospital. The hospital was very far from my house. That time I was really devastated because I worried about my father. My mother needed to stay and sleep at the hospital to take care of my father. I needed to stay at the house by myself with my brother and my mother needed go to the market and buy the food for me and my brother. My mother worked really hard. She never gave up.

  In our life there is always change. I needed to come to Liger to learn. Liger’s full name is the Liger Learning Center. This school doesn’t cost any money. In Liger school there are 50 smart students. Also, in this school there are good teachers and a lot of activities to do. For example, swimming, sports and running. At Liger we have a lot of trips to go to different places. When I learn I feel that I want to learn because when I learn it is fun and I learn a lot of new things.



One of the saddest times for me is when I thought a lot about my family but I couldn’t see my family until we had a holiday. But since I have been at  Liger I have learned how to be by myself or with friends. My strategy for  overcoming my alone feeling  is, when I miss my family, I look at their picture and the picture makes me feel better. I go to play with friends. When I play with my  friends I feel happy and I don’t miss my family anymore. Sometimes I miss my family very much but I tell myself, “Don’t give up! I need to try my best to change my life to get better.”

me and friends


 I have written all of these things to say that I love my family very much. Also they are very important for me.


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cute brother


family la


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​ ខ្យល់បក់មក​ល្វើយ​ៗសំឡេង​ខ្ទរលាន់ស្រែកទ្រហ៊ោយំយ៉ាងខ្លាំង។ សំឡេងនោះស្រែកចេញពីទារកម្នាក់។ រឿងនេះកើតឡើងនៅថ្ងៃទី៣​១ ខែកក្កដា ឆ្នាំ២០០២។នៅក្នុងពេលវេលានោះស្រាប់តែមានទារកបានប្រសូត្រឡើងយ៉ាងគ្រាំគ្រាមកចូលរួមជាមួយក្រុមគ្រួសារដែលប៉ាមានជាគ្រូបង្រៀន។ នៅលើទឹកដី ភូមិតាមល់ ឃុំព្រែកដំបូក ស្រុកស្រីសន្ធរ ខេត្តកំពង់ចាម។

ទារកម្នាក់នោះក៏ត្រូវបានក្រុមគ្រួសារបងប្អូនរបស់គាត់ទាំងអស់ព្រមទាំងសាច់ញាតិជិតខាងដាក់ឈ្មោះអោយថា​សុភគ័។ ទារកម្នាក់នោះ បានរីកចំម្រើនវ័យកាន់តែលឿន ហើយក្លាយទៅជាកុមារីម្នាក់ដល់សែនឆ្លាតវ័យ គេគ្រប់គ្នាកោតសរសើរ និងគួរអោយស្រឡាញ់ចំពោះក្រុមគ្រួសារ និងសាច់ញាតិសន្តាននៅក្នុងស្រុក។ កុមារីម្នាក់នោះមានអាយុ ៩ឆ្នាំរៀនថ្នាក់ទីប្រាំហើយ។
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នៅថ្ងៃមួយប៉ារបស់បានបើកប្រាក់ខែគាត់ក៏បានទិញកង់មួយអោយកូនស្រីសំណប់ចិត្តរបស់គាត់។ ពេលនោះសុភគ័បានជិះកង់ទៅដើរលេង បន្តិចក្រោយមក នាងឃើញម៉ូតូមួយជិះឡើងលឿនសំដៅទៅទិសខាងកើត។ ចំណែកឯសុភគ័គាត់កំពុងតែជិះឆ្ពោះទៅទិសខាងជើង។ បន្តិច
ក្រោយមក ស្រាប់តែលឺសំឡេង ខ្ទរយ៉ាងខ្លាំង។​ បន្ទាប់មកមនុស្ស ជាច្រើនមកចោមរោមគ្រប់គ្នារ។ពេលនោះគួរអោយសោកស្តាយ​ខ្លាំងណាស់សុភគ័ ក៏បានម៉ូតូបុកយ៉ាងខ្លាំងយ៉ាងអនេកអធម៌។
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ថ្ងៃនោះប្រហែលជាសំណាងរបស់ នាងហើយនាងគ្រាន់តែរបួសដៃជើង បន្តិចតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ។ មួយឆ្នាំកន្លងផុតទៅ កុមារីសភគ័មានរឿងគួរសោកស្តាយ យ៉ាងខ្លាំងដោយសារគាត់បានប្រព្រឹត្តអំពើរអកត្តញ្ញូ ចំពោះម៉ាក់ប៉ាជាទីស្រឡាញ់​។​ រឿងនេះកើតឡើងដោយសារ នាងកុហកម៉ាក់ប៉ាថា គាត់មិនទាន់មានលុយទៅរៀនទេ ប៉ុន្តែគាត់មានលុយទៅរៀនរួចទៅហើយ។រឿងនេះដោយសារតែនាងមានភាពលោភលន់ខ្លាំងពេក។ជាច្រើនថ្ងៃជាច្រើនខែបានកន្លងផុតទៅនៅឆ្នាំ២០០៧យាយរបស់កុមារីសុភគ័ លាពិភពលោក យើងនេះផុតបាត់ទៅ។ ប៉ុន្តែនាងនៅតែមានអារម្មណ៍ធម្មតា ដូចជាគ្មានមានបញ្ហាអ្វីអីចឹង​ដោយសារគាត់នៅក្មេងពេកគាត់មិនដឹងអ្វីហើយយាយរបស់គាត់មិនសូវ អោយរបស់របរ​ទៅគាត់ ដូចជាតារបស់នោះទេ។ ពេលនេះនាងមានប្អូន១នាក់ហើយគាត់ស្រឡាញ់ប្អូនគាត់​ ហើយមើលថែប្អូនរាល់ថ្ងៃ។
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ពេលវេលាពិតជាលឿនមែនទែន មកដល់២០១០ទៅហើយប៉ុន្តែឥឡូវនេះជីវភាពគ្រួសាររបស់សុភគ័ដោយសារតែម៉ាក់គ្មានរបរ​ឡើយដោយសារគាត់គ្មានលទ្ធភាពទៀតបានឡើយ។ ចំណែកឯប៉ាធ្វើជាគ្រូបង្រៀនគាត់គ្មានលទ្ធភាពក្នុងការចញ្ចឹមឬផ្គត់ផ្គង់គ្រសាររបស់ខ្លួនទាំងមូលបានទេ។ ពេលគាត់ទៅរៀនមិនដែលយកលុយច្រើនដូចគេទេ។ភាពឈឺចាប់ខ្លោចផ្សាគ្មានអ្នកណាប្រៀបដូចសុភគ័កំពុងតែស្ថិតនៅក្នុងវ័យមួយដែលត្រូវសិក្សា។ នៅថ្ងៃមួយអាកាសធាតុដូចជាខុសពីធម្មតាប្រែជាស្អុះស្អាប់រហូតទៅដល់ម៉ោង៨:០០យប់តា
នោះក៏បានធ្លាក់ទឹកនេត្រាជាច្រើនដំណក់ នេះបញ្ជាក់ពីភាពស្មោះ​ស្រឡាញ់តារបស់នាងជាខ្លាំង។ មួយឆ្នាំកន្លងផុតបាត់ទៅ ជីវភាពរបស់សុភគ័ក៏បានធូរធារជាងមុនដោយសារតែម៉ាក់របស់គាត់រក
បានការងារនោះគឺលក់ពងទា។ មកដល់ខែទឹកជំនន់ទារបស់គ្រួសារសុភគ័បានលិចទឹក។ ប៉ុន្តែគាត់បានធ្វើទ្រូងអោយទាហើយវាក៏គ្រាន់បើជាងមុនខ្លះដែរ។ ប៉ារបស់គាត់ក៏ឡើងប្រាក់ខែ
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នៅថ្ងៃមួយ​មានសាលាមួយ​មកជ្រើសរើសសិស្សពូកែ សាលានោះមានឈ្មោះថា សាលាអន្តរជាតិ​ឡៃហ្គ័រ។ប៉ាសុភគ័ដឹងរឿងនេះគាត់ក៏បានប្រាប់សុភគ័ហើយបានសួរនាងថាតើនាងចង់ប្រលងដែរឬទេ នាងក៏ឆ្លើយថា នាងនឹងសាកល្បង។ ពេលវេលាពិតជាដើរលឿនណាស់​ ដល់ថ្ងែសុភគ័ត្រូវប្រលងហើយ​ ប៉ុន្តែនាងគិតថា នាងគ្មានលទ្ធភាពក្នុងការប្រលងនេះទេ។ ប៉ុន្តែ នៅក្នុងការប្រលងនេះនាងខំប្រឹងណាស់នាងធ្វើឡើងអស់ពីលទ្ធភាព។ នៅទីបំផុតលទ្ធផលក៏បានចេញមក ការតស៊ូរបស់នាងក៏ទទួលជ័យជំនះ។ នាងគ្រាន់តែលឺភ្លាមសប្បាយចិត្តឥឧបមា
ដោយមិននឹកស្មានថាខ្លួនអស្ចារ្យបែបនេះសោះ។ ប៉ុន្តែដំបូងនាងមិនចង់មករៀននៅឡៃហ្គ័រទេ។តែនាងគិតថា នាងត្រូវតែមករៀនដើម្បីអនាគតរបស់ខ្លួន។ មិនតែប៉ុណ្ណោះនាងកុំអោយអស់លុយម៉ាក់ប៉ាច្រើន ពេលដែលនៅជាមូយគ្រួសារ។ នាងមានចរិកល្អធ្វើអោយអ្នកដ៏ទៃពេញចិត្ត ចេះគិតពីអ្នកដទៃ។ ការនិយាយស្តីទន់ភ្លន់ មិនគំរុសគំរាយ។ ការរៀនសូត្ររបស់គាត់ គឺរៀនពូកែ ហើយគាត់មិនដែលអួតអ្នកណាឡើយ។
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មកដល់ថ្ងៃដែលនាង​ត្រូវមករៀននៅសាលាអន្តរជាតិឡៃហ្គ័រ។ ពេលដែលនាងមករៀនដំបូងនាងមានអារម្មណ៍ថាខ្លាច ព្រោះនាងមិនដែលស្គាល់អ្នកណាទេ។ ពេលមករៀនយូរទៅនាងមានមិត្តភក្តិជាច្រើន ហើយគេចូលចិត្តលេងជាមួយនាងគ្រប់គ្នា គាត់ក៏លែងខ្លាចអ្នកណាទៀតហើយ។ មកដល់ពេលនេះហើយសុភគ័មានសំណាងណាស់ខ្លាំងដែលនាងបានមករៀនសាលានេះ។ ប៉ុន្តែនាងនៅតែមានអារម្មណ៍ នឹកគ្រួសារ។ ពេលដែលនាង លឺថាជិតដល់ថ្ងៃទៅផ្ទះ សុភគ័ពិតជាសប្បាយចិត្តណាស់។ ពេលខ្លះនាងទៅផ្ទះនាងមានអារម្មណ៍អត់សប្បាយចិត្ត

ពេលដែលគាត់មករៀននៅឡៃហ្គ័របានមួយឆ្នាំ​ ម៉ាក់របស់គាត់មានផ្ទៃពោះ។ ប្រាំបួនខែ ក្រោយមក គាត់ក៏កើតបានកូនស្រីមួួយ។ ពេលនោះសុភគ័មាន​ប្អូនស្រី២នាក់ហើយ។ ប្អូនទីមួយ
ឈ្មោះថា ផល្លិន ប្អូនទីពីឈ្មោះថា សុខលាភ។

​សុភគ័ជាមនុស្សល្អណាស់ ហើយចេះជួយអ្នកដ៏ទៃ មិនថាអ្នកណានោះទេ។ នាងមានគោលបំណងចង់ធ្វើជាគ្រូបង្រៀន ដោយសារតែនាងចង់ជួយកូនខ្មែរ។ នៅពេលដែលនាងរៀនឃើញកូនអ្នកក្រីក្រចង់ជួយអោយក្មេងៗបានសិក្សាគ្រប់គ្រាន់​ ហើយនាងក៏ចង់បន្តការជួយក្មេង
ជំនាន់ក្រោយដែរ ដូចជាសាលាដែលនាងរៀនរាល់ថ្ងៃនោះដែល។ប៉ុន្តែនាងបានត្រឹមបង្រៀនប៉ុណ្ណោះ។​ លុះត្រាតែនាងមានលុយគ្រប់គ្រាន់បាននាងជួយ។ នេះក៏ជាទឹកចិត្តរបស់សុភគ័មួយដែរ ហើយនាងនឹងខំប្រឹងអោយដល់ទីបញ្ចប់។


មិត្តល្អរបស់ខ្ញុំ ​
កំណាព្យបទភុង្គលីលាnike air max womens
មិត្តខ្ញុំឈ្មោះថាវត្តី​​​​​ ​​​​​​                           ​​​​​​​​​​​​ជាកុមារី សុភាពរាបសារ។
នាងតែងចេះធើ្វកិច្ចការ​ ​                នៅក្នុងសាលា និងកិច្ចការផ្ទះ។
ហើយនាងតែងតែសំពះ               ទៅដល់ចាស់ៗ​​ ជារៀងរាល់ថៃ្ង។
ពេលនាងទៅធើ្វអ្វីៗ​​​                        គេមិនដែលស្តី ឱ្យនាងទេណា។
ហើយនាងចេះធើ្វកិច្ចការ​ ​​             ​អ្នកណាអ្នកណា ​​ ​ ក៏ចូលចិត្តនាង។
ចំណែកមុខមាត់នាងវិញ ​​​​             គេតែងទន្ទេញ​​​ និងសម្រស់គាត់។
ហើយនាងមិនស្គមមិនធាត់​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​         ចំណែកមាត់គាត់ រាងស្តើងបន្តិច។
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My Weekly Journal

What am I do when exploration class?
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The things that I did in my Exploration are: the first thing was we got on the bus and learned on the bus. We got in to Koh Kong we rode on the boat. When we got into Chi Phat we got our things to the guest house and it was very fun. When we got to the guest house we made our things organized. We relaxed a little bit and we went to interview Martin and we ate dinner together. Then we went to sleep. We woke up at 5:30 am and we got ready for interviewing the people in Chi Phat. Also we went to eat breakfast in the center. When we ate finished we went to interview the students in Chi Phat. They learned in English. Also we played some games with students. At one o’clock we went to ask the questions to the doctor. We learned a lot of the things from the people in Chi Phat. They all were very gentle to our group. The chief in Chi Phat said no one want to steal from other people. When they made Wildlife Alliance now no more cutting down the trees. They all had different jobs. Before we came back to Liger we went to the waterfall and I played with my friends and teacher. At 1:00 pm we came back to Liger. In our trip it was very fun. When we were at Chi Phat our group had a lot of different perspectives.
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What do you do when we go to holiday?
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When I went to holiday in 1 month and half of the month. I went to the markets to sell somethings. I sold clothes, food, cookies and some of fresh seafood.​ Sometimes I bought items. Then I went back home. When I came back home I ate rice. When I ate rice already I went to sleep. I got up and I learned Rosetta Stone. Sometimes when I did homework already I played some of games but sometimes I not. Then I did math homework. Sometimes I didn’t do it. Also I played with my brother too. At night I thought about Dom’s homework about the 3D printer. One day swimming with my brother was very fun. Also I helped my family work too. I feel like it was very fun for my holiday.

Refuse plastic Description

Exploration Name: Refuse Plastic
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Exploration Dates: May 5 – June 17

Essential Questions:
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1. What are solutions to reduce waste?

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of  students: 12
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Hello! My exploration  about plastic. What happen to the plastic waste. The people threw  the plastic, Burned, Buried and put in the landfill. This four thing is the big problem. One was throwing the plastic. The big problem are the fish when they see the plastic and they eat it they can die and other animals too. When people burned the plastics and it made a lot of CO2. When the world have a lot of CO2 itcould made the climate changed. The climate changed was the problems because when the world have snow and then the climate changed to be very hot,  the snow will melt​​ very fast and the world will have flooding. When we burned the plastic it have a smoke when the peoplerode the motto and the cat theycould crash with the motto. Why they crash with the motto because when we have the smoke  we can’t see everything clearly. The third was the people buried the plastic. When they buried the plastic it was the big problem too. When they bury the plastic it not good for the soil and it not good for the soil because the plastic have a lot of chemicals. When the soil have a lot of chemicals the soil doesn’t have any nutrient. Then we can’t grow the plants. When we put in the landfill it used a lot of the space. Why it used a lot of the space because the landfill needed a lot of land to put the plastic. We wanted to solve the problem. If we want to solve the problem we needed to reduced reused and recycled. Reduced mean use the plastic less. Reused mean we used plastic again. Recycled mean we took the plastic to made the new thing. If all the people used the solution and then plastic will have less than before. Other solutions we need to define, discover, design, develop, and deploy. Define mean we needed to find the problem first. Then discover that mean we researched and got the information to solve the problems.  Then we designed our project what we wanted to design. Fourth are develop we started to make our project. The last one was deployed that mean we went to teach other people what we made. In my group first we found the problems about the plastic. Then we went to BKK Market and we went to lucky market. Then we went to our community. We went to BKK Market, lucky Market and in our community because we want to ask them the question about the plastic. This liked research the information.  Then we thought about reused the plastic. When we thought about that finished we made our designed. Then we started to make our project that we plan. When we did our project finished we will going to teach to other people. In my group we teach by write in the blog. The plastic not just have bad thing it have a good thing too the good thing that the people could took the plastic to carry something. The plastic is very cheap too.


Life on Border

Exploration Name: Life on Border
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Exploration Dates: March 10 – May 2

Number of Students: 15

Essential Questions/Areas:
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(1) What do students know about planning and running Exploration projects?

(2) What are the steps of running Exploration project?

(3) How to keep track ofworking process?
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(4) How to use resources efficiently and transparently?

(5) How is the situation of people living along the border such as: education, health, economic and immigration?

(7) Why do people move there?

(8) What are the advantages and disadvantages of living there?
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In our Life On Border group we learned a lot of  things about border. Students know how to run the Exploration very well. Students know the goal to run their project. The first step that we can run our project is we learn about our goal. Our goal is Project Summary, Project Outcome, Project Mentors, Field Experiences, 21st Century Learning Skills and Core Curriculum Areas. After we learned about our goal we planned and thought. The situation of the people that live along the border is normal. Some people don’t have money so they don’t have work. Some people go to find work at Thailand so when the people go already some of the people can’t come back. People’s health is not so good at the border because they don’t have money to buy their food. They move to the border because if the people have the money they come to border to sell something because the border have a lot of people came from Russia to the Cambodia. So that why people want to make their business there. The advantage to live there is there are not a lot of bad people at there so it safe for people. The disadvantage to live there is if people don’t have money and they don’t have work they will not be safe for their life. We went to the border to learn and we saw some people have a work and some people don’t have work. Some people have a work but it like cart worker it is not easy to get the money. We interview the cart worker and the sellers. We went to casino to visit, but we didn’t get a chance to go in.

Water Description

Exploration Name: Liger Water System
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Exploration Dates: August 12 – September 26

Number of Students: 12
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Description: In our water group we learned about the pH of water. The full words of pH is Percent Hydrogen. That is the kind of scale that people use to measure the acids and bases. The scale of pH is 0-14. From 0-7 is acidic, 7-14 is basic and 7 is neutral. The hydrogen (H+) is acid and hydroxide (OH-) is base. When we learned about pH we did the experiment with 13 liquid things. For ex: the coca-cola and pond water. The coca-cola was 2.0 so it means acidic. If we drink it a lot like every day we would get sick but if we drink in 1 week only 1 it will be good. The pond was 10.0 so it means basic and if it has a lot of basic like this it also not good for our health either. So we can eat or drink only higher than 7 to 9 or lower than 7 to 5, so it not really have many bases or acids. In this class we also studied about algae. Algae is the kind of plants that live in water and it uses the sun as it food. When this plant lives in water it will make water become basic. We studied our own pond at Liger to learn about this. One other thing that we learned was the water cycle. We learned when the sun rises then it does the evaporation with water. When water goes up it is not yet become the clouds but when the temperature is cool then it makes condensation so it becomes the cloud. When the cloud in the sky catches the cool temperature it will become the rain again. To learn about water we went on the trip to RDI. RDI is the place that makes the water filters to sell. One thing that we learned from there is why they made this RDI place because they saw that some people here don’t have the clean water to drink so they can buy it to get the filter and clean for them. Another reason is when they sell the water filter they sell as cheaply as they can to help the people in Cambodia.
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Energy Description

Exploration Name: Renewable Energy in Cambodia (Poo)
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Exploration Dates: Oct 7 to Nov 19
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Number of students: 13 students

Essential Questions:
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1. Are biogas and solar energy sources practical and cost effective in Cambodia?

2. What are the benefits and drawbacks to using biogas and solar energy in Cambodia?

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In our Exploration class we had three things to work on. The first area was the solar system. The solar system is a resource that can create the energy from the sun. Solar has four types: solar panel, solar cooker, solar water heater and solar lamp. A solar panel is the solar thing that creates the energy to run the electricity. A solar cooker is the solar thing that creates the energy for cooking. A solar water heater is the solar thing the creates the energy to turn the normal water to the hot water. A solar lamp is the solar thing that creates the energy to light the house if that house doesn’t have the electricity. The next thing that we learned about was the biodigester. A biodigester is a natural system that can create biogas by using poo from the animals. Cow poo is the best. It has a lot of benefits. Example: (1) saving the money, (2) healthier than using firewood, (3) save a tree. The last thing that we learned was about hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity is a thing that creates the energy by using water. It usually is built over the river. The biggest dam in the world is in China. Our goal was to make Cambodians know that all of these things can create energy. Also we wanted them to use these three things because they are good and can save a lot of money. We also had a trip too. The trip was to go to Kampong Speu. Our target was to install two biodigesters. We install them in Camkids and the orphanage called HAP because we wanted to make them easy instead of using the firewood. Both of the biodigesters cost $1100. When we went to to Kampong Speu we also taught some students too. We also slept at Kampong Speu too. We had good days when we were in Kampong Speu.
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Crisis Description

Exploration Name: Crisis Management
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Exploration Dates: November 20th-January 17th

Number of students: 11
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Essential Questions/Areas: 1. What is a crisis?

2. How do people, especially  in Cambodia, manage crises?

3. What are natural disasters and how are they related to  crises?
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Description: In our crisis Exploration we learned a lot of things that happen outside in the environment. Crisis is the bad thing that happens to people and is unsafe to people. Example: the cars are crashing or the train is falling. We learned about what is a natural disaster. Natural disasters are caused by nature. Natural disasters are: earthquakes, avalanches, and storms, for example. Then we talked about a volcano. A volcano is the mountain that has magma inside. When it is erupting out, the magma will turn to lava. Lava can make islands when it touches the cold place and it turns to the rock. Crisis management is how the aid workers help people when there is a crisis. One way they help is by evacuating people away. Example: when it has a flood, aid workers evacuate people out to the safe place. We also took a trip to share with the students at the government school at Takhmao City. We chose this school because this is the old school that two Liger students have learned at before. We taught the students who were in grades 5 and 6. We shared some things that we learned like floods, storms, earthquakes, and avalanches. The students werevery smart to answer the questions and understand the information.
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