Changing Cambodia (2014)

In Cambodia right now I find out that a lot of kids don’t have a lot of education. Education is really important for our life if we don’t have any education you can’t find a good job, and usually the people that don’t have education is the poor family. Also, some family that rich too. For the poor kids they need to stay at home help their family do work so they don’t have any time to go to school. Also, some family don’t have money to buy the material for study and other thing their family don’t have a lot of education and they think that their children don’t have to go to school. For the rich family they have enough money give the kids to school and have enough material but some kids they think with the wrong way. They not go to learn but they go to do other thing (play game, drug…). Sometime they cheating, what I mean by cheating is they don’t have to learn just give money to teacher so they get the highest score.
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Tells the teacher if the kids are cheating report to the principle of the school. But if the teacher not listen and we find out that teacher are not integrity, so stop teacher from do teaching.
We can provide material for study to the poor families
Tell people no more drug in Cambodia (if they still sell drug or using drug will go to the jail).
If the kids not go to school report to their family or report to the principle of the school.
Make the poster give to the poor family and explain them we need to tell the kids go to school and we will provide the material to you. Also tell the poor families why it is very important to give the kids go to school and learn.
Give the price to the kids that leaning very great, also give the price to the kids come to learn and focus.
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It really important for the kids that of to learn and have a good education. They Can have a lot of good job to support their family. If all the kids in Cambodia have a lot of good education and have a good job so our country not poor anymore. Our economic is keep going up.
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Agriculture in Cambodia

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)/Integrated Pest Control (IPC)
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    • Definition: a broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of pests.
    • The basic of IPM
      • Pests need food, water and shelters. To get rid of pest you have to:
        • Don’t provide food to pest
          • Clean up your field
          • Often take out weeds
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        • Don’t provide water to pest
          • Set up the irrigation system properly
          • Avoid leaking
        • Don’t provide shelter to pest
          • All kind of debris is a very good place for pest to live, so get rid of debris
    • IPM strategy
      • Using trap crop help to reduce 20-25% of past that can go into your crops.  
      • Grow trap crop 20 days before plant the main crop.
      • IPM
      • ipm_wheel_color_sm
        1. Soil preparation: farmer make sure the soil that they choose didn’t have a lot of paste
        2. Planting: Farmer plant the crop that strong can decrease the paste and disease, also can grow in any season
        3. Forecasting: Note down the data of your prediction, when will have a lot, then prevent and save the spray
        4. Pest trapping: Farmer use pest trapping to know that the pest had come or not yet , and decide how to control
        5. Monitoring: Farmer checks to know that the paste come to damage level.
        6. Thresholds: Before the farmers kill the pest, they wait unit the pest’s population can cause economic damage, that can make the crops produce less yield.
        7. Cultural control: Then the pest’s environment disrupt by old planting waste killing bacteria greenhouse, harvest early
        8. Biological control: They import biological where it is effective
        9. Chemical control: Farmer chose the effective and appropriate pesticide to pray
        10. Record Keeping: Record of pest trap                                               
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Here is the graph that I had been do in Economic.
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The graph show when the price o orange is increase so the quantity demand of orange is decrease, but if the price of the orange is decrease so the quantity demand of orange is increase.
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Second graph

Here is the other graph that I did after I make the first graph.
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economic advan
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The graph show the supply is increase. One shifter that make supply increase is price of resource because the electricity of the factory is going down so the seller want their price to go up to get more benefit. The first equilibrium and new  equilibrium $10 and the quantity is 100.  The new equilibrium price shows the price decrease and the quantity is increase.
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Goal in Agriculture

Goal in agriculture
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I want to know about agriculture

  • What is agriculture
  • Why to learning about agriculture
  • Why agriculture is important for people in Cambodia
  • If in Cambodia have a lot of people do agriculture it help Cambodia or not help Cambodia
  • What is the most farm that people in Cambodia usually do
  • Does agriculture is help economic
  • Does agriculture can help people in Cambodia feed there family
  • Agriculture help improve Cambodia or not?why
  • Usually what country people sell there farm
  • Why teacher choose to go to Pursat
  • Why in Cambodia have alot of agriculture?why
  1. I can teaching people to know about agriculture
  2. What are the problem if a lot of people doing agriculture
  3. If the people they cut down the tree to farming that is the problem what is the strategy?
  4. Why people they like agriculture?
  5. What is strategy to help agriculture to help Cambodia get better
  6. If agriculture make they more poor what we should do to solve that problem?
  7. If agriculture are successful the people should the continuous to do it or should they change the jobs?
  8. I should know what is the step how to grow the rice
  9. The people farming that is very good but when they sell have no benefit what we could them
  10. Interviewing people in Pursat about agriculture
  • Why you choose this job
  • Does agriculture help you
  • What is your challenge
  • Did you feel happy with your jobs

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My Comprehension Check

I read one book it call Night of the Ninjas. It have 10 chapter I did Comprehension Check all 10 chapter. But  choose chapter eight in my Porfirio. Chapter 8 it call Dragon Water.

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  1. How do Jack and Annie use the advice from the ninja master? Does it work?

Yes Jack and Annie used the advice from the ninja master. The ninja master said use nature, be nature and follow nature. Annie had ideas to be nature that time when Japanese fighters were coming. Annie said be a rock. J tried to be part of the rock. Jack tried to be as still as the rock. As solid as the rock. As quiet as the rock. As strong as the rock. As safe as the rock. That strategy worked very well because the Japanese fighters did not see J and A.

  1. On page 50, what are the two problems that Jack and Annie have?

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The two problems that Jack and Annie have were when they came to the wide, icy stream they couldn’t see the tree house. Also they wanted to cross the water first but the water was rushing and crushing over a rock. They needed to find the strategy to a cross it.

  1. On page 51, it says “the current knocked him over.” What does that mean?

The current knocked him over means the water pushed him and made him nearly drown and freeze.

  1. Why do they decide to follow Peanut? Is it a good idea? Why or why not?

They decide to follow Peanut because the ninja told J and A to follow nature. Peanut is small and the branch is small but if they do like Peanut it will be easy to cross a river. This idea is good. This idea is good because if they be the mouse and think they are light and fast so they can cross the stream very easily. Also the first time they can cross because they had ninjas helping them but now they need to do by themselves.
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1. What was the main thing you learning during Entrepreneurship?
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In entrepreneurship group the thing that I learned are:

– This entrepreneurship that I learn is about 3D printing.

– Being a entrepreneurship people we need to have a goal have big goal and a small goal.

– Entrepreneurship is create something new and make sure our product is have a lot of people need it and it important.
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– Try to work hard in the group and work in the team

– When the first of my product is not work not a lot of people like it. But I never give up just find new idea.

– If we have any problem never give up just solve the problem.

– One entrepreneurship need to have a big goal and the small goal

– Also it is very important to learn about entrepreneurship  when we are small and when we get older it easy for us.

2. Write the six term you think are most important. why do you think they are most important?

Six terms that I want to choose are:

Leader is important because every entrepreneurship important to have a leader. If don’t have a leader that product is not gone to work.

Resilience is important because entrepreneurship we need to work hard never give up.
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Proactive is important because we not just waiting for getting money we  need to work and make our own luck.

– Prototype It is important because we need a prototype for show that our product work or not.

– Failing fast It is important  because if our business we need to take our mistake to be experience and it get it better.

Integrity It is important we need to have integrity for the costumer.

3. If you could do entrepreneurship Exploration again, what would you do different? What product? what team? How to sell? ect
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– I still want to do 3D printing. I want to make the wing for people fly by 3D printing I want to make the wing because is will be  less pollution and people can relax to see different things. The team that I wants are people very good at technology, Advertising, Communication and help each other. I sell it by advertising and taste by product for people to see that is true and works.

My product in this Exploration are making speaker:

My works in speaker product are design the product and print by 3D printing. The website I do is SketchUp.

speaker is the new product

The Picture of the product



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How to use it

WIN_20150121_100526 (2)

When we put the phone the the hole it hear more louder.

Our flyer

Add subtitle text

Our name card

Name Card (1)
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speaker business card



Eco tourism Interviewing people

Interviewing people
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On Monday, the 1st of September, 2014 the Ecotourism exploration went to Chi Phat village in Koh Kong province. We went to Chi Phat and interviewed the people in Chi Phat village. We asked them a lots of questions and also we learned  lots of information. We also learned how to be a good interviewer and how to do a good behavior when asking people.The reasons why we asked them are:

  • To know more about Chi Phat villages.
  • How did Chi Phat village have change different than before.
  • To know people different perspectives at their.
  • We went to ask the boat driver. He worked in Chi Phat 17 year ago. In one mouth boat driver have tourist maybe 3-5 that ride on his boat. Also he can’t speak english and that is very hard for him because the tourist the most is speak in english. He liked to worked for Wildlife Alliance because when he worked for Wildlife Alliance they can help his family. If he have a problem Wildlife Alliance not help him to solve the problem when they need to solve a problem by himself.
  • We went to interview the moto driver. He worked in Chi Phat 17 year ago. He said the most tourists are speak in english and it very hard for him to communicate to the tourists. If he is a moto driver he can’t help their family. But he have other worked as farmer. He said he like to worked for Wildlife Alliance because he can help his family.
  • On Monday, 1st, Sept we had interviewed one man that worked in WA ( Wildlife Alliance ). He name is Martin. He told about Wildlife Alliance help Chi Phat. He told us that had 630 families and in 630 families had 230 families that worked for Wildlife alliance. Wildlife Alliance had different jobs for the worker. For cooking jobs it had 87 members and nearly all of them are never ate the foods in the restaurant. In one time not all the members came to work they have a turn to work. Also they made a small group and in each group have 4 to 5 members. When each group had cooked for 7 days they will change to other group.
  • I went to interview the Bungalow owner. She live in Chi Phat for 13 years ago. The first time she was the homestay owner. Now she change the worked because the homestay can’t help her family very much. She was worked for Wildlife Alliance we can’t do 3 works in one time. She needed to choose the work did she chose was Bangalow or homestay. She thought, she wanted to do the farmer and Bungalow owner. When they do the Bungalow, she did by herself. The most tourists went to Chi Phat was spoke in english.
  • We have been interview the member that worked for Wildlife Alliance. Her jobs was the cooker for ecotourism. She had one daughter that study in Chi Phat school. Other jobs that she had work was farming. She said before she was a cooker and had less people are cooking   than now. Her worked for Wildlife Alliance for along time and she can find a lot of money to built the house. She said that for the cooking job can made a lot of money. Her job was always change. When is not her turned she did farming or did other jobs liked cutting the grass to earn money
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  • I went to interview the teacher in Chi Phat. He said in Chi Phat have 13 teacher 6 males and 7 females. The children that learned in that school when they learned we don’t take the money. If they learned English or extra learned we took the money. In the school have 382 students. In their school have a lots of tourists went to interview the kids. In that school the toilet is not enough for them and they needed some book to put the library.
  • We also interview Prom Houng. He is the community chief for Wildlife Alliance. He told us a lots of information about Chi Phat and Wildlife Alliance. He said that for 5 years they did the vote for the chief of Wildlife Alliance. Now on Oct, 10, 2014 they will did a vote. It have 632 families and 4 village in Chi Phat.In Chi Phat have 75% percent that they did farming. 10 % they did fishing and 15 % they did sugar farm. It have 11 people that they did guest house. They have different jobs for the members that works for Wildlife Alliance. In one day he can have 17000 Reil for salary. He told us that limited grade in Chi Phat is grade 9 and the kids in Chi Phat they not really have a good education. Also a lots of children they don’t have a chance to go to school. He told us that a lot of members in Wildlife Alliance are learned English from the tourists. In this years have maybe 2000 tourists that have been to Chi Phat. The some jobs that he told us are:
    • Moto bike
    • Boat have 5
    • Forest Ranger
    • Services have 8
    • Community health

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Trip to Chi Phat
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Problem in Chi Phat.

People in Chi phat first time there jobs is cut down the tree and hunting animals. But have one organization come it name CBET the full name is community based ecotourism site. They give a jobs to the people and all of the money to the organization and one month give the money to each family.
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Problem Areas: In Chi phat

  • Not enough clinic and a lot of bad health.
  • The closest hospital is very far away.
  • a lot of dengue fever and malaria because they don’t know how to protect themselves.
  • Not enough clean water
  • it is hard for villagers to see a doctor because the clinic is closed
  • Many of the people cannot pay for the clinic
  • they need a certificate from the village chief to go to the clinic.
  • The clinic director does not collaborate with Prom Heoung.
  • Doctor wants to work the government and is worried about working with the foreigners and Wildlife Alliance.

Fair share program means that the people who have jobs in Chi Phat all take turns. For example: If a tourist comes, they go to the first guesthouse, and the next tourists get sent to guesthouse 2. There are 30 guesthouses altogether and each guesthouse has an animal to represent their house.
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Fair Share program is the good thing to do in Chi Phat because everyone not worry about that they don’t have the tourist come or not but that way make the tourist feel bad because the tourist they don’t want to sleep with dirty house and if we have fare share program they can’t improve their house. Also it help a lot of people in Chi Phat because some people sometimes they don’t have enough tourist because many tourist go to other place. When Chi Phat make Fair Share and a lot of people have enough money to support their family.
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