Literacy (Jan)

In literacy we watch Video on Youtube that they teach us about the quicker words that English speaker use then we try to find the example sentence for it and here is my example so please enjoy your reading:


Ima Frisbee player so I’m gonna play Frisbee today.
I wanna play too.
But it kinda hot today and now am hafta take a shower now.
Oh wait, but I dunno how to do math homework so can you guys help me?
Yes sure! Lemme tell you.
But am sorry can you teach me later because am gotta go now.
Oh no I forget the homework in the classroom so can you gimme the math homework to me ASAP because I’m hafta go now too.
Oh am also run outta time now I have to go too.

Literacy (Jan)

In literacy with Jan we also making some poem and the English it don’t have to perfect but make sure it rhyme correctly and here are my sonnet:

We learn at the Liger Learning Center.
There are a lot of classes and subjects.
Moms told us that we need to drink water.
Tuesday after school we have robotics.

We have a dog named Harry, so skinny.
Our school has a trip to Mondulkiri.
Students study and see the monkeys.
And we go to talk to them politely.

Unfortunately they all ran away.
We were so shocked we jumped around and said olala.
Teacher feels bad, doesn’t know what to say.
Not for very long we saw Malala.

We went to ask her for her signature.
She looks very nice outside and also in the picture.

Literacy with Jan

In literacy we have two different teacher one teacher name Caroline and Jan. Caroline teaches about reading, writing and learn new words. With Jan different we usually we focus pronunciation and listening. We listening to other people pronoun the words and we follow them it is very fun activities. Also we read some paragraph and pick the difficult words or take the says from the books that we read with Caroline. Then we practice our words. After that we need to record it.

Here are some of my difficult words.
Unusual high school
Chewing the shoe

New words


New difficult words


Here some more recording



Here is one Example of the quiz that we do about the vocabulary in Literacy class.

Name: Marady
Date: 9/14/15

1. What does it mean to appear? Then, write me an example sentence.
To appear means to come up or become visible. Dom had appeared in green room for three minutes yesterday.

2. Sort by part of speech: autumn, bay, beak, bumpy, care, check, chilly, chore, community, country. If a word can be more than one part of speech, PUT IT IN MORE THAN ONE BOX.


3. Write a sentence explaining what it means to bloom.
At afternoon the flower not yet bloom but when I wake up in the morning I saw the flower already bloom and it look so beautiful and colorful. Excellent sentence! (+1 Bonus Point)

4. Name two things that make a buzzing sound.

5. Describe a time when you have “burst into tears” or “burst out laughing.”
A time when I have burst out laughing: When Kangnaneat and VH do a funny face (they make there mouth like a penguin).

6. When have you ever comforted someone? Who was it, what did you do and what was the problem?
Yes I have comforted, I comforted my brother. I said to him “stop crying I will buy you and icecream, cookies then I hug him and I said “you is a good boy keep calm and be happy”. The problem is my mother blame him and he cry. Great example!

20/19 Wow!


This is my Comprehension Check about the book that I read this book called Dragonsitter Disaster. This book it really cool to read, so please enjoy to read my comprehension check.

Comprehension Check

Name: Marady
Date: 12/11/15

1. What does it mean to disturb someone? When have you been disturbed?
To disturb someone means annoying/interrupting and distracting them. Yes I have disturbed my Mom while she was doing her work. I was singing loudly and being so annoying so my Mom yelled to me, “hey, can you be quiet please, because I can’t do my work.”

2. Explain the joke Emily played on Eddie about the dragon.
The joke Emily played on Eddie about the dragon is: “She saw him having beans on toast in the café.” That means she saw the dragon sitting in the café (small restaurant) and eating beans on toast.

3. Where do they find the dragon? What is he doing? What does Eddie think is wrong with him?
They find the dragon at the linen cupboard and he was sitting there without doing anything. Eddie thinks the dragon wants to stay there because it is a warm place, to take a rest and relax.

4. Where is Uncle Morton? Describe his retreat in your own words.
Uncle Morton is trying to get away from electronic devices, so he goes to a quiet place, relaxes, have freedom and does some yoga. Good!

5. Why doesn’t Ziggy help her baby hatch?
Ziggy doesn’t help her baby hatch because it is natural when babies hatch they don’t care even if it lives or dies the babies need to help themselves to come out, and Ziggy just stands and looks at the baby hatch. Yes!

6. What is one way that Ziggy’s behavior changed when she was pregnant/incubating her egg?
One way that Ziggy’s behavior changed when she was pregnant/incubating her egg is she didn’t eat a lot of food.

Marady, this is a great comprehension check with great answers and very good grammar. Good girl!

Here is the picture of my book:



This is my writing and my friend in literacy class. It is very fun because we take turn to write it and that story am the one that start!

One morning I woke up, and to my surprise I saw a huge powerful ant on my leg. Then I took my two hands to slap my face because I thought that it was a dream but the truth is it is the true thing. But then about after a while I jumped down from my bed then I saw a ghost in front of me. It was huge with a big ugly face that I had ever seen before. My legs become solid! But I tried my best to run away. The ugly ghost started to raise it hands for me. Than a green light come out of it hands. That the magic! Than I become unconscious. After 30 minutes later I woke up again and I saw a lot of yummy food are around me. In that time I was thinking that the ghost might be try to poison me and I thought over again but why doesn’t it kill me from the start. While I was thinking there was a strange mermaid that can walked on the land with no water. I slapped my face again I couldn’t manage is this a dream but whenever I hit myself am really heard myself so it really true. So run run very fast come outside and see a beautiful nature with flower and nice fresh air.

I am from poem

In Literacy Essential we learn how to be a good writer and here is the poem that I made.

I am from frisbees and books,
And I am from TV and computers and rice.
I am from schools, markets, and pagodas,
And I am from Daly and Sreypich.
I am from noodle and porridge,
And I am from Preveng and the sea.
I am from football and badminton,
And I am from literacy, math and biology.
I am from cartoons and ghosts,
And I am from prayer and candle.
I am from Phnom Penh, and I am from Kompong Cham,
But most of all, I am from determination and love.

Ghost- Marady

Why young kids usually scared of the ghosts than old people?

Old people always said to me that there are ghosts in the world. If I stay alone ghosts will come to scare me. But I wonder why old people not scared of the ghosts when they stay alone, for me it not I am really scared. One day when my parents and I went to pagoda at night time, then the wind was blowing it seen so scared for me. Then I told my parents “oh! go back home am so scared”, after that they asked “why you scared”? I said “because old people said there are ghosts and I scared them do something bad to us. Then they said “STOP” you know why we are not scared because there are no real ghosts. We just tell you that it have a ghost don’t let you play alone it a dark place so sometime it will have someone come and do something bad to you.”

I go to an unusual school

In my English Literacy class we write about our unusual school and why it is unusual school.
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Here is my write about unusual school
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I go to an unusual school. This school is called Liger Learning Center (LLC) which is the only one in Cambodia. The students in this school came from many different provinces. We have many projects. One of the projects is Essential, and our Essentials are: English Literacy, Math, Khmer Literacy and STEM. STEM stand for:science, technology engineering and math. We also have exploration that mean: to explore different things and we go to other provinces or other countries for more research and to see new things. For our explorations we learn for seven weeks, after that we have “sharation”. Sharation is to do a presentation on what we have done and have learned in our exploration. In sharation time a lot of people come to our school to see the presentations. Every weekend we have many activities such as: hip hop, frisbee, karate and Khmer dance. At the end of the year we do a performance for our parents. In our school we have boarding students and day students. Boarding students will sleep at school, but day students go back home. This school provides a computer for each student and staff. When am not yet come to learn in Liger I don’t know any English, but when I come to learn in Liger my English is very good. That make myself feel really excited and very proud. I think am really special because in my families only me that have a chance come to learn in this unusual school. I think this school is unusual school because it have many pre trip to other provinces and counties and we have many different choices to choose: Independent Discovery, after school extension (ASE), STEM competition… Liger is my favorite school because it changed my life a lot I can know many different thing and have a lot of experience.
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English Literacy

Who am I
We describe a little bit about our self and when we write we try to make a shape.

I am a girl.polarized oakley sunglasses
I love to play sports.
Sports make me learn team air max shoes
I’m live in Kampong Cham province.
The subjects I want to learn are literacy & math.
In future I want to be doctor or run my own business.
I love to learn at Liger school because it has good subjects
to learn, has good teachers, has a lot of activities, and lets me travel to other air max Online Shop