Listening and Speaking (Khmer Class)

In listening and speaking in Khmer class we listen to other people speaking and we take note of the important part or fill the blank that teacher give us. We have only two to three times to listen so we need to be really focus. Sometimes when we finished listening we discuss in the team or we write a paragraph about the topic when we listening. If we finish it we can record the sound and send it to teacher.

Here were two of the records in Khmer about Japan.

Khanacademy Math

In math we not only use the books and pencil to learn but also use the website call Khanacademy to help us more and to practice more. When we have free time at home we also can do it. This website help Liger students a lot including me because it teach us all math of all skills if we don’t understand the math we can watch Video or use hit so that mean we don’t have to ask teacher. When we do Khanacademy it have percentage and it will increase if we do it right. First my geometry percents is only four but now I have 38%. I think Khanacademy is fun and it help me a lot. Also if we get increase the percent in the Khanacademy we will have some points to put in our math credit.



Math is my favorite subject I love to learn it. In math we have a lot of resources to learn and to practice. The resources are:, our work book, our textbook, our teacher, our friends. Also we have internet to research something that we don’t know. Jeff is our teacher and he said calculator is really usefull for us to think about the hard math but we can’t always use it because we need to use our brain to think too. Almost every week usually Friday we always have a test because teacher want to make sure we understand all of the lesson and we can continue to learn other thing. My first test even it not good but I trust myself that I understand all of the lesson and I can get better in my next test.