Khmer Literature

For this round in Khmer class, we focus on poems. We published our own poetry book. Last year, all the seniors wrote their own poems. So this year we want to gather all the poems and publish a book. In total, I got two poems, and be apart of the book publisher I helped to write the outline for each poem, and edit the Khmer writing. So we tried to finish our first draft, in order to bring our book to Khmer Literature Festival. Finally, we did it. We publish about 50 books, so we can sell and give out some to authors that participate in the festival. The book grammar and spelling weren’t perfect yet, but we tried our best to edit it after the festival.


So this is one of my poems.


អំពើហិង្សាក្នុងគ្រួសារ                              ផ្តល់នូវបញ្ហាចិត្តនិងកាយ

លែងលះគ្នាហើយអាងសោកស្តាយ        កូនរស់អត់ម្តាយអត់ឪពុក។

អំពើហិង្សាក្នុងសាលា                                ព្រោះរឿងស្នេហាកើតជាទុក្ខ

បណ្តាលឪ្យខូចអនាគត                            ជីវិតរលត់គ្មានខ្លឹមសារ។

អំពើហិង្សាក្នុងសង្គម                                 ជាតិមិនជួបជុំនាំបញ្ហា

ធ្លាក់ចុះសេដ្ឋកិច្ចនិងទីផ្សារ                       ខាតទាំងកិច្ចការផ្តល់ប្រយោជន៍។

អំពើហិង្សាលើផ្លូវចិត្ត                                 ពាក្យតែងតែផ្តិតឲ្យហិនហោច

ជេរប្រមាថដៀមដាមចិត្តខ្លោច              ប្រៀបដូចជាខ្មោចស្លាប់ចិន្តា។

អំពើហិង្សាលើផ្លូវកាយ                              រូបល្អប្រែក្លាយជាំកាយា

បាក់ដែបាក់ជើងឈាមបែកក្បាល         ដល់ក្ស័យសង្ខារនឹកស្តាយក្រោយ។

អំពើហិង្សាលើកុមារ                                   ចិត្តមិនខ្លាំងក្លាកម្លាំងខ្សោយ

ហៅរកអ្នកជួយគ្មានចម្លើយ                    សុំអ្នកម្តាយឆ្លើយជួយរូបកូន។

អំពើហិង្សាលើស្រ្តី                                       ជីវិតគ្មានន័យចំណុចសូូន្យ

ឈឺចិត្តឈឺកាយធ្ងន់ដូចក្បូន                  បន់ឲ្យបងប្អូនជួយដោះស្រាយ។

អំពើហិង្សាព្រោះក្រីក្រ                              ម្ហូបមានតែស្ករជាមួយបាយ

ចិត្តឆេះដូចភ្លើងក្តៅក្រហាយ                ធ្វើបាបអ្នកម្តាយដែលទ្រាំអត់។

អំពើហិង្សាព្រោះគ្រឿងស្រា                    បង្កើតបញ្ហាយ៉ាងជូរចត់

វាយប្រពន្ធកូនដល់កំសត់                     ស្ទើរស្លាប់ព្រោះហត់សម្ងំយំ។

ប្រឆាំងនិងអំពើហិង្សា                           គួរចូលសាលាទៅអប់រំ

គ្រួសាររស់នៅដោយជួបជុំ                     ដើម្បីសង្គមអភិវឌ្ឍន៍។

English Version 

Violence in the family gives mental and physical issues. Some families get divorce and regret later. Kids lost their parent (Mom and Dad).


Violence in schools because of the conflict of love. This is the way to destroy our future.


Violence in our own society makes the country breaks apart. Decrease economic and waste our time can’t do works that are important.


Violence affects mental health because people words can break our heart.


Violence physically, get injuries. Break the leg, break the arm, break the head some people can die.


Violence against children and women, make them feel frightened.


Violence because don’t have money. Children angry their parent because want to buy fancy supplies.


Violence because of drinking beer, torture their own kids and wife.


We all should fight against violence, need to go to school get an education to have a happy family and develop the economy.



Independent Discovery

In my independent discovery is doing about filming. I choose filming because I love filming and filming is my passion. So in this independent discover there are three people so we divide the job so everybody had different job. I wrote one movie that talking about one girl pretend to be boy because of some reason. I’m not yet finish write the script of that movie yet it just half of the way and as long as I finish writing that movie we will film. One of my partner wrote about the homeless girl it in Khmer. It was a great experience to learn how to write the script by myself and it my passion.

Here are our script so far:

Girl main character: Dary (for girl) Sothea (for boy)
Boy main character: Naklin
Boy main character name: Cheat, Da and Vann
Main characters friends (2 best friend): Riya and Nisa
The girl always play with Naklin: Rachney

In the morning:

The teacher named Jame, he teach English, he teach at the school called Zaman, in that English class have only eight students. Such a: Dary, Naklin, Riya, Nisa, Rachney, Cheat, Da and Vann.
(the camera shoot the face of each student.

The three best friends walk together.
Hey! I want to talk to you something do you want to hear?

Of course!

You know the boy that is my bestfriend is Naklin, and guess what? I really don’t want to see him play with Rachney. And now our relationship is so cut of.

So what you want to do?

Simple, make myself to be a boy. So then I can make friend with him.

Wait wait… to be a what?

To be boy!

Are you serious with me?

Come on guys, just help me with that, it not a big deal.

So what are we going to do?

Dary smile and nodded her head.

At the evening
Fast motion of Dary dress up to be a boy and put one mole on the face.
Naklin walk so rush near the bench holding the pile of books.
She walks handsomely toward there and pretend to be a boy and make try to make the whole body to be the boy.
She pretends to walk and hit Naklin.
All of the book fall down
I’m so sory!
She helps Naklin to pick up all of the books.
Thank you
He walks away. Then Dary ask him to stop.
Um wait! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm! Would you mind tell me what’s your name?

Naklin. Sorry I have to go now.

Umm! Hey wait.
Dary, Nisa and Riya are siting near each other and dicuss.

How was it? Have you ask him anything?
Dary makes a very sad face.
Oh god! I didn’t ask anything beside his name.

Seriously? What can we do next then?
All of them are thinking.
A bit later Dary nodded her head so hard and raise her hand.
LET DO THIS! I have an idea.

At night…
Naklin comes outside and relax and the three girl follow them. Dary dress herself as a boy again.
Nisa and Riya are hiding, Dary walks toward to where Naklin is. So she pretend to headache and fall down (she also make some sound) next to Naklin.
Naklin look over and help.
What happen? Are you okay?

No I’m not okay.

You need anything?

I really need water.

Okay here.


Oh I meet you again?

Would you mind if I ask you your name?

I’m Naklin. And you?

Ummmm, I’m SOTHEA.
Dary pretend to think something so strong and not even look at Naklin face.

What happen Naklin? Are you ok, what are you thinking of?

I’m thinking of the school to learn. I don’t know who to ask. And what about you what English school that you learn every day?

I learned in Zaman school, it is a very good school.

What time does the school start?

In the morning

No I don’t think I can go, I want to learn at the afternoon.


But I really want to go to visit your school and to make friend with you. I want to go almost every morning. Is it ok?

Yes that fine, and I can introduce you to some of my friends.

Thanks so much, I have to go now. I don’t want my family to find me. And here thanks for you water.
Sothea starts to walk away.
Two of her friends while they are hiding the continers that near them are falling down.
Nalkin looks at them, but luckly they try to hide so quickly.

Dary (Sothea)comes over to her friend.

Now plan suscess!
In the morning,

All of the student come to school, and all of the stuff are prepare in her beg.

Can I borrow your books please?

Yeah! It in my beg, take it.
Dary gives the beg to Rachney.
Rachney starts to unzip the beg and it half the way.
Dary remembers.
Wait!!! Stop!

Dary grab the beg back from Rachney.

Let me take it for you.

Dary takes it out for her.

Here take it.


When it time to finish the class.
Dary go quickly to open

A Homeless Girl
Homeless girl – Naka

ត្រឹមជាក្មេងស្រីម្នាក់ដែលគ្មានឪពុកម្តាយ ​(Sitting alone against a wall)
ខ្វះភាពកក់ក្តៅ​​ ​(Standing and a mother walking with her daughter and smiling to each other so close)
mother – sopheak
daughter – Kakrona S
គ្មានអ្នកយកចិត្តទុកដាក់​​​​ (Sleeping on the road and no one cares)
គ្មានទីពឹង (While sleeping there, then the house owner sees, then she talked to her, so she would go away)
មិនអាចបានអ្វីដែលខ្លួនចង់បាន​​ (Seeing others buys food and she wants to, but she doesn’t have money when she looks in her pocket)
Two little boys buying snacks
Little boy – Visal
Little boy – Sophanarith
មួយថ្ងៃៗ រស់នៅដោយពឹងលើខ្លួនឯង​​ (walking around the rubbish place)
ថ្ងៃណាសំណាង ក៏អាចរកបានអាហារសម្រាប់ខ្លួនបាន (She found food​​ that is left over in the rubbish then she eats)
ដោយការអត់ឃ្លានខ្លាំងពេលខ្លះ ក៏ធ្លាប់ធ្វើអំពើដែលខ្លួនដឹងថាខុស​​ (staling foods from a shop and run away)
ពេលឃើញគេមានសម្លៀកបំពាក់ ល្អខ្លួនក៏ចង់មានដែរ ប៉ុន្តែមិនអាចធ្វើអ្វីបាន (While eating food that she has stolen, she sees a girlfriends walking with beautiful clothes, but she doesn’t have when she looks at her own clothe)
Girl – Mealea
Girl – Dalen H
គ្មានចំណេះដឹង​ (she walks around sees students walking to school with their friends in their uniform)
A boy – Kimhor
A girl – Sreyroth
ត្រូវបានគេស្អប់ខ្ពើម (walks to a person’s door and knock to see if she could ask for some food, but once the house owner sees her, they shut the door)
House owner – Sreypich

The Girl wakes up and found out that it just her dream, then she thought of things that she had done badly to beggars and homeless people.
She walks, then when she sees a little kid on the street with dirty clothes, so she made the face, that seems to be really hate them
Little kid – Dyna – dressed up dirty
She remembers when she eats her snack, then two little homeless kids looking at her face, while she’s eating, then she looks at their face and just continues eating
One homeless boy – Dara
One homeless boy – David
She keeps her phone in her wallet, then takes her phone out and that she has lots of money in there. When an old lady came to her with her two hands up asking for money, she shakes her head and walk away with her phone.
A homeless lady – Nary

So she decided to give foods, money to those that are living on the road and is needed help. At night, she opens her cabinet and packing clothes, and she took out few pairs for those kids outside.
mother – Sokea
Tomorrow to school, her mother gave her breakfast
After that, she opens her fridge and took snacks out for those homeless kids as well.
She walks to the two boys and gave them snacks
Two boys – Dara and David
She walks to another little girls who was picking rubbish at the rubbish place, clothes and food.
She walks to the old lady and gave her foods and her money.
Then at the end, she smiles at the camera.

The End

Homeless girl – Naka


All the thing that I learned from Khmer Rouge Exploration of different people and make to the diary of life under the Khmer Rouge. Here are the story that I wrote:

In 1975 I live in Phnom Penh with a very happy life. My family condition was very rich. My father was doctor. I was second oldest daughter in the family (I was 15 year old), I live two little brother (4 and 6 year old) and my sister was 18 years old and my mom was pregnant that time.

On 17, April, 1975 all of my family were forced to move even though my mom was pregnant. My mother doesn’t want to move she told them because she was pregnant. They not even listen to my mother and nobody can bring their personal stuff.

On the way my mother was giving the birth to the child, my father tried to help her, but the child not come out yet, but the Angkar saw that, so my father was executed because they knows he was a teacher. My mother have no more energy to let the child come out. All of sibling try to help her but we can’t so they both were die, all of us was crying. I have only two brothers and one older sister.

We arrived Prek Dom Bok village, Srey Santhor district, Kampong Cham province. We went to live with one old grandmother. Angkar told my sister to the work site because she old enough. The grandmother her job is to take care 40 small kids and she a really hard person. My both brother just live with grandmother. My job is to collect cow dung in the village.

In one month my sister came to visit 2-3 time only. By myself I can’t afford my both brother, so they get really really sick, because of not getting enough nutrition and health care. They get weaker and weaker, in the same week they both die.

In 1976 my grandmother got a very hot fever and so hungry. I don’t know what to do, so I decided to ask Angkar for some medicine. They hit me so hard about 30 minutes, my body get really hurt and can’t walk. They tie my hand so tight and leave me in a very small room without food for 2 days. I told myself I’m not going to survive, after I came out of that room I got no more power. I went back home to see my grandmother, but I didn’t saw. I started to cry, I don’t know where she went. I feel really sorry to myself that I can’t come back to give the medicine to her. I went to ask the neighbor near my house and they said she got killed by eating a poison animals. When I just heard that I got into burst of tear.

After that I didn’t hear anything of my older sister, I miss her a lot because I live alone. In 1977 at that time I got so so hungry,then I went to find food, I walked slowing down the road, then I met one of the member of Angkar. I was so scared and shaking, he ask me rudely, “where are you going and what are you doing here” he said. I lie him that I saw one man stealing the stuff of Angkar so I tried to follow him. So I told him to go to the east direction. After that I ran so fast and find the way to go. Finally got into the forest alone and lost the way to go back home. Then I met one guy named Sorith and he bring me to live with him.

In 1978 I lived with Sorith I have a very difficult life because Angkar forced me to do farming because they think that I’m old enough. They hit and forced me so hard because I don’t really know how to do farming. At night I was crying and no one knows my feeling. One day I was so hungry, I pick the leave I saw to eat. Then I got a sickness because I didn’t get enough

1979 after Khmer Rouge end, I tried to find my sister but I couldn’t. I feel so regret, I really don’t want to think all of those memory, but I just can’t forget it. I remember people not give me freedom and force me so hard.


We have the speakers from Indonesia take about there schools called Green Camp. This school they used only bamboo to build school house… So they told us to work in four teams and make something meaningful out of bamboo. This is my team:


Khmer Class

ជាត​ិ សាសនា ព្រះមហាក្សត្យ


នាងខ្ញុំឈ្មោះ ហ៊ាង ម៉ារ៉ាឌី ជាសិស្សរៀននៅសាលាអន្តរជាតិឡៃហ្គ័រ​។​

ជួនចំពោះលោកគ្រូជាទីគោរព ណេន សុខា​។

កម្មវត្ថុ ៖ សំណើសុំច្បាប់ឈប់សម្រាកពីការងារចំនួន ៤​ ថ្ងៃ ដោយគិតចាប់ពីថ្ងៃទី ១ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ ២០១៦ ដល់ថ្ងៃទី ៤​ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ២០១៦ នៃការឈប់សម្រាក រយៈពេលខ្លី។

តបតាមកម្មវត្ថុខាងលើ នាងខ្ញុំសូមគោរពជម្រាបជូន លោកគ្រូ ឲ្យដឹងថាខ្ញុំត្រូវទៅពិនិត្រ
សុខភាព និងព្យាបាលជំងឺនៅប្រទេសថៃ។

អាស្រ័យហេតុុនេះសូមលោកគ្រូ អនុញ្ញាតច្បាប់ឲ្យនាងខ្ញុំបានឈប់សម្រាក ទៅប្រទេសថៃ ចំនួន ៤ថ្ងៃ ដោយក្តីអនុគ្រោះ។
សូមលោកគ្រូ មេត្តាទទួលនូវការគោរពពីរូបនាងខ្ញុំ។

                                               ធ្វើនៅថ្ងៃទី ៣០ ខែកញ្ញា ឆ្នាំ២០១៦

                                                                          ហ៊ាង ម៉ារ៉ាឌី