Mekong Business Challenge

This year I participated in the business competition called Mekong Business Challenge. The format has also transitioned from a business plan to a business model competition which encourages students to design new and innovative business models using the business model canvas developed. Mostly this competition is for the university students, but my team is one of the first high school participants. Our business idea is to provide the service for all Cambodian and foreigners that live in Cambodia. We will have a call center where people call in and describe what is bothering them, where they live and tell them the best hospital they can go. This business called Find Me a Doctor. It was a challenging and fun experience. Our team challenge is to figure out the price of the profit and loss because we need a lot of partner for transportations in this business idea. Also, we want to find out the price that is reasonable for our clients and partnerships. A part of that our team have so much fun while we’re making the video, divide speeches, and create some actings. Even though my team didn’t win the semi-final, I felt like we won ourself because we put all of the hard work, creativity, collaboration, share ideas, and give all of our effort into this competition.  

Please enjoy watching the video that our team submitted to the competition. 

Creative Technology

One of my expertise is called creative technology. In this expertise we create our own installations after sufficient skill building and also get into mechanical, electronic, programming and visualisation. Create technology I learn a new language javaScripting and C++ programing. We learned how to use a lot of development boards such as arduino, nodeMcu (IoT) and raspberry Pi, breadboard etc. One of the projects we did is to create a mini car robot. From this project I learn a lot from it such as connecting wires for instance I need to connect the positive and the negative motor to the breadboard where I connect the power from the battery and there are positive and negative charges. Moreover, in order make thee motor move forward and backward we used H-bridge circuit is give the voltage go across in the opposite direction that means it allows DC motors to run forwards or backwards. In order to build our robot my team and I decide to use 3D printing so first we design the car mini robot in the program called inventor and then print it. While design the robot what I learned and also my challenge is that make sure all of the measurement are accurate because sometimes when we print it, it is too big or too small. One important thing I learn while working on my robot is the PMM and normal digital. The difference is that the output of the PWM pin can generate as a square wave. If we choose to use the PWM pins we can change the frequency of this square wave (on/off) to simulate adjustable power output. Each time the value is going from on to off is so high that we can’t notice it. We used these for motor speed control and LED brightness control because essentially what we are doing is switching these objects on and off very quickly to control speed and brightness. Additionally, my team and I did code in order for our car to move and turned. Sadly, our robot can’t move because the wheels and the motor didn’t have enough torque. But I still felt so proud and learned so much from this creative technology expertise.